Monday, 12 March 2012


It's strange how feeling depressed can creep up on you and take you by surprise sometimes. You think you're okay and life is . . . well, bearable and then ten seconds later, you want to cry.

Or is that just me?

I had a nice enough weekend. I had an okay-ish day at work. Then as I was walking home, the sadness hit. I left the office feeling fairly upbeat and as the walk progressed I felt worse and worse and worse. By the time I got home, I was utterly miserable. Quite a turnaround in forty minutes.

I've not cried.

I want to.

But it's not coming.

Yet. I have a feeling it's not that far off.

All I can keep thinking is "WHY IS EVERYTHING SO SHIT?" Why can my life not go to plan? MY plan, I mean.

How can I snap myself out of this? What cheers you up when you're feeling like a big vat of poo?*

*It's a bit of a disgusting image I know. But it's just how I feel...


  1. Why not treat yourself to a little pampering? Mani/pedi, perhaps? Or pop in a favorite upbeat movie.

  2. It's defo not just you hun. Same here. Sad one moment and then laughing out loud three minutes later. And then remembering I was supposed to be sad. Blame it on hormones ;)

  3. As someone who suffered with depression and social anxiety for about 10 years - no, its not just you. It does happen like that, at the start.
    So what i want to say to you is i think it would be good for you if you had a talk to someone - a good friend, your mum, your sister, your GP - about how your feeling. I could be wrong and maybe you dont feel like you need to, but i've been there, done that and from what i've read on here the past few months i'm starting to worry about you mate xx

  4. I'm with the pampering suggestion! I put on a movie I love that I know has a happy ending, I whip out some nail polish and a face mask, and I go for broke. Or I throw myself into uni study. Actually, no I don't. I always just pamper myself. And then call a friend for a good old chat.

  5. I'm so, so sorry you're feeling down. It's a horrible place to be, but you're not alone.

    Whenever I feel low, I drink wine. By myself. And I write. And I vlog. I drink to relax myself and remove any subconscious barriers I may have built around my feelings, and then I get them out. Every time I'm amazed at how much mere verbalizing of my feelings helps in pulling myself up. I never publish these vlogs/writings, but at least they're out there, somewhere!

    Saying that, I couldn't survive day-to-day without a little help from the pills of the happy. My GP's amazing; he's there to listen to me sniffle and blow my nose loudly, and then he gives me a prescription for these little pick-me-ups. The world doesn't instantly brighten, but I find coping a heck of a lot easier.


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