Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Random strange things have a tendency to happen to me while I'm walking around. Like the time the old dude walking past me decided to enthusiastically tell me that he'd just discovered that Britney Spears was an anagram of presbyterians (I still haven't worked out if that one is actually true - I'm not very good at anagrams). Or the time the bunch of schoolboys walking past me decided to hit me on the bum with a rolled up newspaper (I was sure I'd wrote about that before, but I can't seem to find it). Or the window cleaner who decided to tell me (I assume jokingly) that he should have stuck to his career in geo-physics.

Today I have another thing to add to that list.

I was on my way home, near the private school I hate, when I heard a disembodied voice calling across the road to me. It was a singsong female voice which could have belonged to a little kid, or a stoned older female. I have no idea.

"I like your coat" the voice called.

At first I thought this wasn't me they were referring to. There weren't many people around though. I kept walking though, pretending that I was wearing earphones, even though I wasn't.

But the voice continued.

"Purple is my favourite colour." It informed me.

Okay, so it was definitely me. I was the only one wearing a purple coat in the vicinity. But I decided it was best to continue to ignore it and kept walking.

The last bit was my favourite though.

"Can we be purple friends?" it asked me.

At that point I sped up before I started giggling to myself.

I have absolutely not a clue who the voice belonged to, and there WERE a few people around who heard so it was a LITTLE bit embarrassing at the time that someone was clearly taking the piss out of me but in a strange sort of way it really cheered me up!

Could I have been hearing things? Or should I have agreed to be purple friends? I guess I'll never know . . .

Has anything strange happened to YOU on the street recently?


  1. I think people mostly ignore me on the street. Except for the people that I have no interest talking to.

    I totally agree you should have agreed to become purple friends. Purple is one of my favorite colors.

  2. HOW could you not agree to be purple friends??? That's kind of awesome!

  3. It's kinda awesome but very strange!

  4. Haha, hilarious!! Only thing that happens to me on the street is some religious guy keeps asking if he can 'save my soul'!!!


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