Sunday, 4 March 2012


It's about time we had a new regular feature on *Insert My Blog Name Here* - so welcome to The Nail On Sunday (get it???), a semi-regular weekly feature all about one of my favourite things - nail polish!

I'm completely obsessed with nail polish - I hate having bare nails because my natural nails are pretty shit - so I'm always buying new colours and trying out different combinations and patterns. Not that I'm particularly brilliant or anything, but I thought I'd share all the same!

So here's my current favourite nail look (apologies in advance for the not brilliant photo quality. I am limited to the camera on my phone and its capabilities.)

Isn't it pretty? It sort of reminds me of the sky just before the sun rises or sets.

I used three different polishes to achieve this look.  It does not have to be a specific brand, but you are basically looking for a dark purple, preferably with a slight metallic edge, a pale blue and a clear polish with silver (and any colours - mine has blue too) glitter in it. Unfortunately I cannot give you the exact names of the colours I used because the three nail polishes have vanished since earlier today (I can only assume they've vanished into the black hole in my room that usually swallows up my leggings, black vests, tights without holes in them, and one of each pair of socks I own.) If I manage to find them, I will update the post!

 Basically, what you need to do is a french manicure, but with these colours instead. I love using different colours to create this look - I'll do a post on the various colour combinations I have used in the past at a later date.

As long as you can do a french manicure, you can do this! In fact, it doesn't really need to be as precise as a french manicure so it's pretty easy.

1. Apply two coats of the dark purple nail polish and let it dry.
2. Paint the pale blue nail polish on the tips of your nails.
3. Once the tips are dry, apply a coat of the glittery clear nail polish over the top.

And voila! Pretty nails!

What's your favourite nail look?


  1. I am SO looking forward to that feature. I am obsessed with nail polish.

  2. That'd be brilliant with a really dark red then maybe a normal red at the tips, then the red glittery nail varnish we both got (it's like red ruby slippers for your fingers! lol)


  3. The Nail on Sunday - brilliant! Thanks for stopping by Fluff and Fripperies, will be following :)


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