Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I'm not too good at the whole exercise thing. In fact, I pretty much hate it. But needs must, unfortunately, if I want to drop a dress size and feel in good shape.

I walk a lot anyway, but I think my body has got used to that and the amount of walking I do is basically just stopping me from putting on too much extra weight; it's not actually helping me lose any. Like, if I stopped walking everywhere I would probably instantly inflate. I'm not even kidding. That is my fear!

I hate the gym. I tried it for a year or two. I didn't make it there very often.

I quite like running, but I can only run for about five minutes before I want to die, and I don't have the patience to work at it. I love swimming but I don't like having to swim in lanes . . . or getting wet. (Which is a rather large obstacle when it comes to swimming, I'm sure you'll agree...)

I've tried many fitness dvds. Tae Bo, I quite enjoy. (I like pretending to punch people.) The 30 Day Shred . . well, everyone in the blogosphere RAVED about that. I LOATHED it. My favourite fitness dvd is Hannah Waterman's . . .  she's a former soap actress. It's the only dvd I've stuck to for any amount of time . . . but living in a first floor flat, all the jumping about makes me paranoid I'm disturbing my downstairs neighbours, especially considering how squeaky my floorboards are. I don't feel like I can give it my all!

I am still going to my pole fitness class, although recently I feel like I'm getting worse instead of better. I have now been on the same moves for the past thirteen classes - you're meant to move on every four and my instructor hasn't even suggested that. Oops. And I have recently became quite taken with Tracey Anderson's arm and abs webisodes. Because they last less than ten minutes each and i can do them without feeling like a baby elephant, or worrying I might plunge through the floorboards to the flat below. Oh, and not to mention they bloody KILL. I'll report back with how effective they are after a couple of weeks - I've done them nearly every day for about a week so far, so I'm hoping I can stick to them.

But I'm curious - what is YOUR exercise method of choice? Are you a gym bunny? A fitness dvd afficianado? Exercise class junkie? Runner? Something else? Or are you even lazier than I am???

Please feel free to share . . . :-)


  1. I thought I was reading my own words there! I'm with you. I just don't love it. I walk and sometimes I ride a bike (but hate the associated and oh so painful bike bum). I don't like the gym. I pretend to like it for a month or so then I just hate being trapped indoors sweating profusely. I too dislike getting wet which rules out swimming (even though it's really good for my neck, shoulder and back pain). So the only thing left for me is having a personal trainer. It really works and I feel fabulous afterwards. Having to be accountable to someone else other than yourself ...

  2. I never learned to swim as a kid, even though my brothers did and I asked to learn as well. Now I'm deathly afraid of water. So yeah, that kind of leaves swimming out for me. Plus, I'd never be caught dead in a swimsuit!

    I used to love to walk and did it a lot. And then one day, out of the blue, I started having problems with my hip. Now I can only walk so far before I have to sit down and rest it due to the pain.

    I do walk a LOT all over campus and at my job. You'd think that I'd lose weight from doing that but nope, not a single ounce!

    If I could afford it, I'd get a personal trainer. Like Leanne said, it's good to be accountable to someone other than yourself.

  3. I was a treadmill running enthusiast and a yoga queen .... before Flynn was born. Since then i've done Zumba for a while and a couple of weeks where i was all motivated about going for a walk everyday, but neither of those were the same for me as the gym. Which i cant afford right now. Boo!

  4. I have the same issue with running and for me swimming is too much of an effort to do regularly (getting wet, going at a time that isn't busy etc). I actually liked the gym but am on a budget nowadays so have instead investd in a cross trainer for doing bits and pieces as and when. Im not sure this would work for you though as mine seems to be quite loud?! Ive also been considering trying out Davina's new dvd for toning and tum. Ive heard really good things about it and apparently this is doable in short bursts.

  5. Just dance! I love it because it's actually fun, plus I get to learn some cool moves :)

  6. Have you considered doing Body Rock tv? http://www.bodyrock.tv/

    I love to workout and the gym is definitely my favorite place to do it. I've formed really great friendships there, so that's what keeps me really going. They motivate me and hold me accountable to going! You should try finding a gym buddy to go with and maybe you'll stick with it more!


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