Thursday, 1 March 2012


I've been having some freaky dreams recently.

Most of them I can only remember for about thirty seconds after I wake up but I find myself shaking my head in disbelief in that short space of time and wondering where the hell my subsconscious got this shit from.

The one that sticks in my head was last week though.

I dreamed I was pregnant.

I mean, seriously, I was CONVINCED I was pregnant. I was going about telling everyone and acting very much like a pregnant lady would. Not drinking, trying to be healthy, watching out for my bump . . .

And then people started to ask me for more details about the pregnancy.

"Are you suffering from morning sickness?" No.

"Have you put on any weight?" No.

"Have you had sex recently?" No. (I actually had misguided ex sex just over two months ago in reality, but in dream word I was practically re-virginised it had been that long.)

"Have you taken a pregnancy test?" Um - also no.

Yeah, so it turned out I wasn't actually dream-pregnant after all.  And none of the above points had even occurred to me . . . So then it was even weirder, cos then everyone thought I had psychological issues and had made up a pregnancy. And, yes, I probably DO have psychological issues, but I don't think i would ever do THAT.

I can't help but wonder what it means though. It's right up there with this dream in terms of weirdness . . .

Had any weird dreams recently? Or care to help analyse MY dream?


  1. I don't think I've actually been dreaming. So have absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute! But yours sounds like something I would dream about (if I was actually dreaming ... which I'm not ...) I think I need to have a dream. Tonight that is my mission! Will report back ...

  2. *lights pipe and leans back in wing chair*

    Is it possible you see yourself starting a new endeavor (job/creative project/new romance) but it's not actually coming to fruition?

  3. First of all i've been having all kinds of crazy dreams because i actually AM pregnant, and thats what happens when you're up the duff!
    Secondly, i agree with the evil twin up there assessment - usually when you dream of pregnancy it means you're looking to " give birth " to something, to start something new...

  4. I have weird dreams all the time. One of my weirdest was I once dreamed that I had a tomato plant growing out of my leg and seemed to think it was completely normal!

  5. I know that dreaming you're preg is supposed to mean that personal development is happening, whether it be a new goal or just a new idea or spark of creativity. I'm not sure what it means that you found you were not actually preg in the dream. Maybe the goal or idea was unrealistic and so was shot down? lol, I dunno.

    I always have freaky dreams, almost every night really. I had this one recently that I was shot in the head and it hurt and my whole head felt swollen but I was alive and walking around. I went to an ER and I was waiting to be seen and it was taking forever and I was getting really frustrated.

  6. Odd! I'm known for having frequently weird dreams. Scary weird, actually.

    My last one included me being an undercover agent, protecting someone in Mexico, and I got shot repeatedly in the neck. I felt it and everything. But I somehow survived in the dream?

    I'm too scared to find out what it means!

  7. lol walking around faking a pregnancy would be sort of hilarious to chronicle. The last dream I had:

    I was in Chicago for the AWP Conference. I ran into Howard the Duck and we started to hang out. It soon turned to some hardcore partying and eventually we just stood around spitting vodka at people and then quacking.

    no clue.


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