Thursday, 15 March 2012


As you know, many things annoy me. Too many to mention. (Although I do TRY to mention as many of these as I can, on a regular basis, as you ALSO probably know.)

But one thing that especially bugs me are nights out with a theme.

Some themes are fine. For example, my good friend V had a "posh frocks and fascinators" hen night. I'm not a massive fascinator fan (now, THAT'S not a phrase I really expected to type) but I managed to find one for six quid, and who DOESN'T want to wear a posh dress? (Well, a dude, I suppose. But still.)

It's the themes that have you shelling out unnecessary money on stuff you'll never wear again.

Take, for example, last May, when I went on a hen weekend to the North of England. It was decided early on that the theme on the main night out would be Rave. We're talking day-glo accessories and clothes here. I was very dubious, mainly because I didn't already own anything like this. (Also, there is probably a lot of potential there to look like an idiot, right?) And i was skint and really didn't want to waste money.

Anyway, I was actually pretty economical (which was a good thing as the weekend cost a fortune - it was in a Center Parcs so if you've ever been to one of those, you'll probably know exactly what I mean). I managed to buy a fluorescent orange vest from Primark and some accessories from Claire's. Combined with my normal garb of a denim mini and leggings, as well as some glow-stick accessories provided by my sister, I was set and didn't feel too stupid.

And since my outfit hadn't actually cost that much, i was prepared to write it off.

However, nearly a year later, I've come to realise that my fabulous fluorescent beaded necklace and fluorescent orange vest actually contrast brilliantly with my black Mango shirt dress and add a splash of colour to an otherwise cute but slightly dull outfit. Recycling success!

(Rainbow nail tutorial "Nail on Sunday" post coming very soon, btw)

I've absolutely loved these beads since I wore them on that hen weekend, and I'm so glad I've found a good reason to wear them - I love that I have managed to get more out of the beads and the vest than that one night!

Have you ever had to buy anything for a theme night or party that you've managed to re-use in everyday life?


  1. There will be no theme at my hen, promise!

  2. Not many people my age do 'themes' because they're *far* too grown up. I wish they did though, I love a good theme party.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I notice you're in Glasgow- I lived there for a year and loved it. such a great city with fun nightlife and excellent shopping!!! Oh and the friendly locals of course!

  4. Ugh I HATE stupidly expensive hen nights and ones with a bad theme are even worse! My friend had a vintage theme though which was fab, and another had one that was 'glitz and glam' so very achievable! Love your rave outfit, brings me back ;)

    Emma xo

  5. I love themes. Especially glow themes.

  6. Oh, I hate dressing up! Especially for simple nights out or someone's birthday. Just because of the hassle & cost involved!

    Your outfit looked really cute though, and I'm glad you've got more wear out of the stuff you bought! Love it when that happens.


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