Wednesday, 22 February 2012


  • . . . FOR DIRECTIONS: I don't know any street names, I can get lost five minutes away from my flat, and I'm no good at describing how to reach a certain destination . . . even if I know where it is. In fact, even if it's around the corner, I still struggle.  Anytime a stranger on the street says "Excuse me?" I feel dread creeping through my veins. Unless it's a person paid to harrass me for money for charities that is . . .
  • . . . FOR MONEY FOR CHARITY: You can do this if you are volunteering, sure. Not if you're getting paid. I've talked about these "chuggers", as Mich calls them, before. The other night, in fact, she even told me to start crying just so one would avoid us. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.
  • . . . A HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: Everyone knows hypothetical questions are usually based in fact. So I'll immediately want to know the actual gossip behind it, and I can be like a dog with a bone sometimes.
  •  . . . A RHETORICAL QUESTION: I find it too hard NOT to answer, even if it's obvious!
  •  . . . ON A DATE: Yeah, I'm not good at that. I'll probably just mess you around. Just ask the last guy who asked me out. I gave a vague answer, messed him around cos I just wasn't sure, and then accidentally ignored his Happy New Year text message because I was too damaged by someone else. Timing was all wrong, to be honest, and it's probably for the best (even now I wouldn't feel ready), but I hope my shitty behaviour didn't damage him at all. It was only ever meant to be just a lunch date, so it wasn't really a big deal and I kind of turned it into one I suppose. But, yeah, asking me out probably isn't a good idea. Which is probably why it happens so rarely!
  •  . . . TO DO YOUR MAKE-UP: I think I'm okay at doing my own make-up; I generally know what works for me. And I'm used to putting it on myself - I've had like twenty plus years of practice (yup, I wore eyeliner to primary school!). But let me loose on someone else? They'd end up looking like Rachel in "Friends" after she had to let Ross do her make-up (see? "Friends" reference for everything, me!) NOT a good look . . .

What should no one ever ask you???


  1. Where are you from? Never ever ask me that :) But it doesn't apply to you - you called me an Edinburgh girl and made my day :)

  2. Great post! I am the same no one ( unless they are purposely wanting to get lost) should ask me for directions!! :)


  3. I totally agree with the asking directions thing....I could barely tell someone how I get to work every day. I am awful. Nice blog I like it!


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