Sunday, 19 February 2012


Last night I decided I was going to become a more interesting person. I don't want to be that person who sits around thinking about doing stuff and then doesn't actually do it.

So the first thing I thought I might do (have I contradicted myself there?) is take up a new class. Or possibly two!

Obviously last year I took up pole fitness, which I was a bit apprehensive about, but I now am loving - even though I'm still pretty rubbish at it. This year I like the idea of taking up some other kind of exercise that is challenging and a bit different from your run of the mill exercise on top of that . . . but I'm also thinking about night classes.

So here's some ideas I've been toying with:

  • Martial arts classes of some description - I did Judo for a few months when I was young and didn't mind it, and it's meant to be a great workout. Actually, one of my old flatmates invited me to join a class she is taking part in, but it is on a Friday night, which is a pain.
  • Ballet - another class I did as a kid and never kept up. It could have possibilities!
  • Aerial yoga - or even just yoga/pilates in general. Or circus skills. I did circus skills when I was young too, but it was just juggling, spinning plates, etc. This is like trapeze stuff! I mean - TRAPEZE!!! Unfortunately, this may be a little bit out of my price range.
  • Vintage accessory making - Yes, I actually found a course for this at one of the local colleges - it sounds so much fun, and something I would really enjoy. But, although it says it's for any level, I can't even do basic stuff like, y'know, THREAD A NEEDLE! So I'm not sure if even beginner level would be too much for me,
  • Jewellery making - this is probably the one that appeals to me most just now. And I'm pretty sure I could get a grant to cover the cost of it. I'm trying to talk Mich into it too so we can start a crazy jewellery business at the end of it!
  • Spanish - I quite fancy learning another language but it's one thing I've never had a talent for. I would LIKE to try this but I think I would prefer something more FUN to start with.
  • Cupcake making - I like to eat cupcakes, so I think I would be onto a winner there.
  • Nails - it would be kinda cool to be able to do acrylics, or nail art or something like that.

So I'm looking into this stuff and researching it and I AM going to do something, not just think about doing it, for a change!!!

If money - or time! - was no object, what sort of class would YOU like to do?


  1. Wow! That is interesting stuff. I did pole fitness for a term. Bloody hard work and I was rubbish at it too.

    I did trapese flying once which was cool. Not sure I would do it again though (the whole heights thing and the fact I felt like I'd been hit by a truck for a week afterwards)

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ........

    I need to think about this.

    How about polo cross?

  2. I'm loving the ideas you brought up! I'm also in one of these phases where I just want/need to try new things... so since I moved to London I've started climbing (indoors, that is..), running (I've set up my own challenge of running to work in 40 minutes by may, ha!), skiing (yeah... London is not the right place, but still)... and am learning to be a day skipper by summer.

    If one of your goals is to get fit and healthy this year... I'd ditch those cupcake classes - they can't do any good! :)

  3. Tae Bo, Tae Bo, Tae Bo. I can't recommend it enough. It's fun, gets you fit, tones you, all at once :)


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