Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Not long after I left the office last night, I became uncomfortably aware that I'd left my phone behind.

I was close enough to the office that I could have turned back and reclaimed it, but I couldn't face it for various reasons - not least because I am the very first to mock when a colleague leaves the office for the night only to return five minutes later to recover something they've forgotten. "Good morning!" I am the first to sing at them. (They must hate me.)

So I continued on my miserable way home, hoping that I was wrong and my phone was just in my bag and I just couldn't immediately put a hand on it. Unfortunately not. I got home, checked quickly and nope - nothing. So i did the only thing I could think of and facebooked a colleague I knew would still be in the office asking him to check. He replied and confirmed I had left it and he had, as directed, stuck it in my top drawer. Phew.

But while the worry may have stopped then that my little mobily would be nicked by some opportunist, then came the withdrawal. I may not use my phone a lot for actual PHONING purposes, but there are a lot of things I take for granted when it comes to my little phone friend. Such as:

  • being able to check Twitter/Facebook on the loo (come on, we all do it - and it's REALLY not acceptable to take your laptop into the bathroom with you. Unless you don't have flatmates to catch you, that is...)
  • knowing what's going on in general (I spent all evening worrying I had been invited to something glamorous via text that very night, or had missed out on a prime piece of gossip as I had no access to texts.)
  • having no access to the internet during the night after I had put off my laptop. "I felt like I was in the dark ages!" I dramatically announced to my colleague this morning.
  • the alarm function. Does anyone actually use an alarm that isn't on their phone anymore? I had to hunt around for the charger for my old Blackberry and hope for the best that the alarm still actually WORKED.
  • knowing what the weather is like. I rely on my phone for this. Because it is sooo much simpler than looking out of the window (sarcasm alert there). Therefore I wore my Uggs to work when it was icy underfoot and risked falling.

Oh little phone friend, let us never part again!!!

*whispers* Well, at least not until I renew my contract in the next few months and get an upgrade . . .

(Did it hear me???)

What makes YOUR phone indispensable??? Or could you easily live without one?


  1. I left my purse at work, didn't even notice til the next day (my day off) and didn't feel the need to collect it til the day after. But my phone..I'd have to go back as soon as I realised!

  2. I don't have a cell phone. People think I'm a freak and insist they could never live without theirs. Um, yeah, you can! I secretly want one with all the cools apps and stuff but can't justify the cost when my own phone rings so rarely.

  3. I'm really quite bad when I forget my phone. I get worried about my alarm, first of all - then can't sleep for fear it won't go off! Other than that it's sort of forced therapy for me, I already spend too much time on Twitter/Facebook as it is!

    Couldn't function without it, though! x

  4. Have you set up 'Find my iPhone'? It makes life so much easier!

  5. I totes would have gone back for my phone. I can't handle life without it!

  6. Need mine for my alarms for work. That being said, the battery died and it took a week til I went home to get my charger. Did I have any missed messages? Yes!! All from bloody Orange.



  7. I am so glad that I'm not the only one who checks Facebook on the loo, lol!


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