Thursday, 19 January 2012


  • Why is it that when you've been wanting something for ages and waiting impatiently for it to happen, when it comes along you find yourself barely motivated to do anything about it? Is it the fact you've been waiting so long that it's almost an anti-climax?

  • Why does my favourite meal from the Chinese takeaway have to be soooooo unbelievably NOT chinese that hardly anywhere does it? I've been craving breaded chicken in cream sauce and noodles all week (and I've had it twice already)...

  • WHY IS NO ONE ENTERING MY GIVEAWAY??? *stamps foot* It's free, it's available to everyone and it's not hard work. Please enter! Pretty please??? (Go here..)

  • Why has it been like eight weeks or something since I've hung out with my good buddy Mich??? How it that even possible? (That should hopefully be remedied tomorrow.)

  • Why isn't the working week two days long and the weekend five days? I'd even accept 3:4. Come on universe, throw me a bone here!

Anyone got any answers for me? Or any "rhetorical" questions of their own???


  1. I agree about the workweek. 4 days on, 3 days off sounds good. And none of those 12 hour days either.

  2. I'm with Breeza! Although I shouldn't be allowed to really comment as I'm nearing the end of a 2wk sick leave just now...

    Rhetorical questions: Why haven't I lost weight although I've only drank 1 night on since 30th Dec?

    Why can't my cuddly toy be at least 6ft tall so he can hug me?

    Why can't my brain stop being a cunt?

    Why can't my pile of dishes in the kitchen just wash themselves?

    Oy vey. x

  3. Why won't my headache go away?

    I'm not entering your giveaway because I'm about to host my own from the very same company.

  4. As for the first one, I think there's something to the wanting. Actually getting what you want is awesome sometimes, but other times it's just confusing and not that great and I don't know!

  5. That doesn't sound very Chinese at all but it sounds bloody good!

    I would never use the software sweetie, that's why I haven't entered x

  6. I'm so with you RE the workweek. I'd much rather work less, especially in my rubbish job!!!

  7. feeling slightly smug because my work 'week' i two days with 5 for doing sweet f-all ;) x


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