Saturday, 24 December 2011



All my deliveries turned up (or I was able to achieve them) and the only person I forgot to get a present for is my brother in law. Ooops. Everything got wrapped this afternoon (I meant to do it last night but one quick drink when work finished at 3pm resulted, almost inevitably, in me not remembering getting home and passing out with my coat on at around about midnight) and I'm feeling quite satisfied with myself and sipping some sparkling elderflower presse. Yum.
I like to think I'm quite a good present buyer. I don't know if I actually AM, but I put a lot of thought into gifts so I like to think that people will like them. One of my main problems is that I do have a tendency to assume that because I like something, the other person will, and that's not necessarily a good thing! But who knows! I tried not to overcomplicate things this year because I lleft most of the present-buying so late. Some friends are getting bags from my favourite new bag place, Nica - I couldn't resist buying myself a "present" on there too - mum is getting a zumba kit, my dad a book and some vodka, the brother dvds and some Jack Daniels, dvds for Granda . . . it's my sister's present I'm most proud of though!
Lynne, if you have decided to pick today to read my blog, please stop reading now or it will ruin the surprise!
Have you stopped yet? Okay . . . here it is!
So here's what I got her - an eyepencil set from Floozie (great colours eh?) dalmation print earphones (amazon), a zebra print wine glass (I just found out today her husband's parents have given her a leopard print one, but she says he's always breaking them so it can't do any harm to have two - I got mine from a seller on Folksy); some cute Floozie socks (Debenhams) and . . . my favourite two parts of the overall present . . . a bird print coin purse I bought from Fossil while in London earlier this month; and, last but not least, a cute owl ring from Tatty Devine. I would absolutely love both of these things for myself (I'm hoping that doesn't mean I'm buying based on my own wants and not hers again) and have struggled not to keep them, but I'm hoping she really loves them.
Sometimes I really do think that the giving is better than the receiving. I love the looks on people's faces when you feel like you've got them exactly the right present

I hope you all have an amazing day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I'm sure an update on the presents I receive, reaction to the presents I give, and a run-down of whatever random selection of foods we have for Christmas dinner THIS year will be imminent.

PS apologies for the post being all crushed up., I had no idea how to fix it!


  1. Sounds like wonderful presents! Happy Christmas!

  2. When I go shopping and find presents for people, I think to myself that I'm a great shopper and that the person it's for will absolutely love it. But then I get it home and start to wrap it and I always second guess myself.

    I used to hate to shop for my dad because it seemed like he never really cared for most of the stuff I got him. I did get him a book he REALLY wanted though one year and got to see him very excited about that since it had to do with family history.

    Another reason I hated to shop for him is that he had everything he could possibly want. Whatever he didn't have, he'd just go buy for himself when he felt like it.

    Still, it made me sad not to be able to buy him anything this year since he passed away this past summer.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. ^ buying for dads is ALWAYS very difficult. Come to think of it, buying for most guys is difficult.

    I love shopping for presents! <3 hope you had a great time, and looking forwards to the post about YOUR presents!


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