Sunday, 13 November 2011


I've discovered something pretty amazing about myself in the past month or so.


I actually cannot believe it. Up until now the only thing I could make was spag bol - I mean, technically I was using a jar of sauce but I added a lot of chopped up veg and herbs and shit (not ACTUAL shit) to it so to me that involved effort and was therefore cooking.

Although I suppose I have to make an effort to get a takeaway by powering up my netbook or hanging about a chippy waiting for my order to be ready . . . but THAT'S not cooking. Hmmm.

I've always been a bit scared of cooking I guess. Everything always sounds so complicated! I'm not sure what some cookery terms mean and lists of ingredients tend to intimidate me as they're always so LOOOONNNNG, and I rarely have most of them already.

But I figured . . . I'm 32 years old, I need to start being healthy and not living off microwave meals and Dominos pizzas.

Anyway, I started off easy, one day I really wanted enchiladas. So I made them. I used a kit, granted, but it was a start.

Then a few weeks later I was craving quesadillas (I've been going through a bit of a Mexican food phase I guess). I couldn't find a kit for that so I had to improvise. I made cheese, chorizo and spinach quesadillas and, if I say so myself, they were delicious. I told a work colleague about them I thought they were that good. She wasn't sure what a quesadilla was, but after I explained I got her craving them too and then she ended up making them herself!

Then came the chili con carne. (See? Mexican again!) That was COMPLETELY from scratch. And I pulled it off. I've pulled it off on two separate occasions now.

The tuna and brocoli fritatas which I stole off the Harcombe Diet website are in the oven cooking. I made some for lunches last week and they were AMAZING! I was so sad when I finished eating my serving; I just wanted more!

And last night I made a curry (from the Harcombe Diet recipe book this time - although it's also on their website). It was meant to be butternut squash curry but I made mine chicken instead. COMPLETELY from scratch, I have never made curry in my LIFE before . . . and it was delicious. I had it for dinner last night and for lunch and dinner again today.

I am soooo making that again!

Anyway, what next? I need ideas! It can't be anything too complicated or involve things I don't like (I disapprove of fruit in savoury meals and I'm not a big fan of prawns) but I don't think I'm cutting anyone's options down TOO drastically. So what's your favourite meal to cook, and what should I try next???


  1. Glad you're getting into the cooking thing :-) I have also been making an effort to develop my culinary skills.
    Love making lasagna and roast chicken and roast vegies....

  2. I'm soooooooo not a chef. I tend to stick with microwave meals or boxed dinners that I just have to add water to.

    Like you, I rarely seem to ever have the required ingredients. And when I do, I don't want to spend half the day slaving over a hot stove so I tend to try and change things up. Like, if I don't have specific ingredients, I'll substitute something for it. Or if the recipe says to heat something slowly, I do it quickly. So things rarely turn out right.

    Good for you for discovering a new talent!

  3. A lasagne or moussaka? :)


  4. Butternut squash risotto - amaze!

  5. Vegetarian chili - so easy to make and so delicious! My former roommate and I discovered how easy it was when trying to emulate a recipe from our favourite restaurant. Now it's a family staple in my house, my sister's house, my parents' house, my in-laws house :)

  6. Darn, I was going to recommend a fruit laden savory dish of prawns, but I see that fits into what you're not keen on ;)

    Great post - it made me smile. Truthfully, since you enjoyed the curry to much, I highly recommend you give curries from around the globe a try. Make Indian curry one day, then Japanese, then Burmese, Thai ... etc etc. Each one is so different and I love them all! Though I am partial to Japanese and Indian curry.

    Happy cooking

    (great blog by the way. I'll be back - cheers)

  7. wow, what an amazing discovery. Good job!


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