Sunday, 16 October 2011


Today's random list includes weird social stuff that I'm not comfortable with:

  • formal events - weddings especially. (Although my recent experience of being a bridesmaid was actually my LEAST awkward wedding experience. Probably all the alcohol helped.) Talking to strangers. Potentially turning up in the same outfit as someone else. Being seated next to someone you hate at dinner. All these fears conspire to make me considering avoiding any that I'm invited to.
  • walking into a pub myself - this has always been an issue for me - unless I have specific coordinates of where my friends are sitting, I hate to do this. My first date with an ex, he told me to meet him in the pub. I didn't have the nerve to tell him I didn't like to do it. I walked into a busy pub, walked around looking like an idiot, and managed to walk right past him. Embarrassing...
  • eating/drinking in public alone - I mean, I can sit and eat a sandwich in a park, for example. But going for a drink alone, or to eat a meal alone in a restaurant . . . I just can't. Only twice have I ever sat in a pub myself, and both times it was because I didn't really have a choice. And I felt REALLY awkward, like I was on display. (When in actuality probably no one even noticed.)
  • having to phone people I don't know - I get really nervous if I need to phone a customer service department about something. I don't like phones at the best of times, but I hate having to explain myself to a stranger. I get all stuttery and embarrassed, and am slightly convinced they're having a laugh at my expense at the other end of the phone. Once I actually cried on the phone! Mind you, that's because Paypal were accusing me of owing 1000 pounds, and I was stressed out of my nut. So that's my defence for that one!
  • small talk - just in general. Unless I'm drunk. Otherwise I will just be awkward. This is probably one the main reasons why I have avoided hairdressers for years.

How about you? Is there silly social activity that makes you want to curl up in a ball and hide under your duvet rather than have to do it???


  1. I'm with you on all of those! So many opportunities for embarrassing myself and just generally feeling awkward...

  2. For me it's turning up at social events where I only know the host. I am quite outgoing and don't mind mingling but sometimes other people aren't as welcoming - makes for awkward moments.
    Or you find someone you are getting along with and then they leave for a minute to go get a drink or go to the toilet and you're suddenly awkward and lonely again! It's especially bad if you're stone cold sober haha.

  3. I hate it when you are out at a social dinner and it seems everyone is divided off into their own conversations and there is an odd # of people and it always seems that I am the one stuck w/ no one to talk to. So then I'm just left sitting there trying to decide which conversation I want to interrupt/join in on. Awkward!

  4. I'd probably agree with some of yours. Networking events aren't that fun - probably your worst nightmare with all of your dislikes, and I dislike them too.

  5. Ug networking is horrible. That is my worst nightmare. I am not good on the phone either and avoid it as much as possible too. The other's I am not so bad with, although making conversation at a big dinner is not high up on my list either!

  6. All of the above!

    I absolutely hate anything where I'm expected to entertain/mingle with people I don't know and have never met before in my life (alone, if I can bring a few friends, I'm the life and soul because I have back-up).

    The eating/drinking in public alone thing I would love to be able to do, but I've just not got the courage. When I see people sitting eating alone I can't help but jump to the conclusion that they've been either stood up or have no friends (which is not true, I know!).

  7. I'm with you on all those things, although I am getting better at them!

  8. All of these for me, hate phoning people yet I don't mind if it's when I'm at work, and my job is talking to people in person- sometimes about personal/health things, which doesn't bother me. I'm currently dreading a friends birthday drinks this weekend since I won't know many people there.

  9. I hate going to a wedding and having to go through the receiving line that has the bridesmaids and groomsmen (who most of the time I don't even know) and shaking their hands....what do you say to these people that you don't even know...congratulations?????

  10. I hate any and all social occasions where I've not already had enough to drink to be chatty and friendly to strangers or folk I'm only acquainted with.

    Unless I'm with someone who is worse than I am, therefore I have to make the effort for both of us.



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