Wednesday, 12 October 2011

KARMA 101 . . .

Two weeks ago, me, my sister and some friends were having a premature birthday celebration by going to our new favourite pub quiz. The prize for winning the quiz is a bottle of vodka or a case of beer (which I, drunkenly, misheard as "a quesadilla" - which wouldn't actually be the WORST prize really, right?). But the real prize comes in the part AFTER the quiz is over.

They do a "Play Your Cards Right" game, where you get seven cards and have to guess whether each one is higher or lower than the next before they are turned over. You get a chance at this game in the order of where you placed in the quiz and the prize is £50 - unless there's a rollover because no one guessed the seven cards they had right. A month ago, me and Mich came fourth but won this bit - we got £100 between us. On this night two weeks ago "Pollys Birthday Bash" (as our team was called - NOT My choice by the way) came joint second so we were either going to be up for the cards part 2nd or 3rd.

After the winners had tried and failed at the cards, the quizmaster said (quite clearly, in my opinion - and bear in mind that I was so tipsy I'd misheard "case of beer" as "quesdilla") "as there are two teams in second place we will do it in alphabetical order - so Polly's Birthday Bash, you're up now".

At which point, the other joint second team got all aggressive. "What about the VDs???" they shouted as we made to get up and go to the cards.

Okay, sidebar. "The VDs"??? SERIOUSLY??? I'm assuming this was their initials (they were a girl and a guy) but why would you actually CALL Yourself that as a team name??? WHY????

Anyhow I actually stood back and told them to go on ahead. I didn't care. I'd won two weeks ago - what were the chances of us winning again???The cards, meant for our team, were already laid out. They failed within two or three cards.

Then it was our go. We got what would have been THEIR cards. And it went like a dream. It would be a two, followed by a king, followed by a three, followed by a jack, etc etc. There was no way we couldn't win.

And we did. We scooped the fifty quid prize.

The VDs left immediately after that, looking extremely sour-faced. It was very satisfying. Had they just kept their mouths shut in the first place, they would have won. Instead they were bad sports and left with empty pockets.

And that is the very definition of karma, baby. No?

Me and one of my friends popped in there for a quick drink tonight - the pub quiz was on but we weren't intending to stay that long. We were eating nachos when I became aware that someone was glaring at me. It was The VDs. I wasn't sure they recognised me but then the quizmaster came up to ask us if we wanted to play, and he recognised me. He even used me as an example to a nearby table that you didn't need to win the quiz to win the money. So by that stage they probably DID recognise me. They glared more. I rolled my eyes and left the pub.

I really hope they at least had the sense to change their team name this time.

How about The Morons??? Far more apt . . .


  1. I've definitely believe in karma! She's been both a bitch and a blessing in my own life.

    Sounds like she was paying attention to VD (and yeah, totally agree - WHO would choose a name like that?)and did her job.

  2. The VD's some pretty damn juvenile to me. Tantrum chucking and eye-rolling? What are they - 8 yrs old?

  3. Hahahaha. Excellent. I love it when karma comes back and bites people in the ass x

    P.s i want to live in Glasgow and come to the pub quiz :(

  4. We have to go to that again. If a group who wins that we bought drinks for last time, then by rights they should buy us a drink back.

    The Miss Behaviours were on FIYAHHH


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