Sunday, 30 October 2011


I've been waiting since the end of March, when the clocks went forward, to get my hour back. I know technically I never lost it but it felt like it.

So today I FINALLY got it back. Yay!

I feel like I've made the most of it. I woke up early, did some (very mild!) housekeeping, then went out for lunch. AND bought a new pair of boots and some pale grey nail polish - meant to buy some of the latter for AGES so finally!

As for this morning's ramblings... well, let's just say I was possibly still drunk from last night but I'm talking purely hypothetically. Don't get me wrong, there's things going on in the background but . . . I'm not sure whether I want them to. I'd rather get drunk and listen to music for now...

Depressing tunes over... here's a cheesy 80s one which I also love... :-)

And a less depressing Ed Sheeran one... :-)

What are you listening to right now? :-)

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