Wednesday, 7 September 2011


So I'm at lesson five of pole dancing now.

It's, remarkably, starting to come together. Three weeks ago, a niggle in my arm prior to pole dancing class, followed by a slight pain during certain moves in pole dancing class, forced me to cancel my class two weeks ago at the last minute. So when I went in last week, I wasn't expecting much, only to actually have improved considerably at two of the four moves I'd learned originally.

Miracles DO happen I guess.

The improvement in my game was enough to make me want to go back for another block of four lessons though. Which was a double edged sword as I can barely afford the thirty quid for a block. But anyhoo...

But tonight... I was facing my biggest challenge. For after four lessons at the BEGINNER beginner level, I was now moving onto the INTERMEDIATE beginner level. Which meant four new moves to learn. Eek. Considering I had barely mastered the FIRST four, I was not optimistic.

However, I was amazed to find I was actually far BETTER at a backward hook than a forward hook and have almost got it down pat in one session. Likewise the star jump and the striptease move.

The one that is holding me back though is probably the one I will NEVER master. And it's, in theory, probably the simplest.

The one where you jump up and wrap your legs around the pole.

This has been my main problem - NAY, MY NEMESIS! - since day 1, and I'm getting more and more frustrated with it by the day.

I've went down many a fireman's pole in my time.

At adventure playgrounds as a kid, dirty!!!!

I guess the difference is, then I wasn't having to jump UP on the pole, just wrap myself around it and slide down. Far easier than the pole dancing version.

As me being able to do this actually depends on me being able to complete any more advance moves in future, I really need to (literally) get a grip on this move!!!

Oh and in other news, I reckon I'm going to have bruises ALL OVER MY LEGS tomorrow.

Good thing my bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding on Friday is full length, eh???


  1. Glad you seem to be getting the hang of it now sweet.
    I'm too scared to even try it out, I'd faceplant the floor in seconds.

    *applause for you* :)

  2. I liked the demonstration video. It helped me to understand the challenges before you.

  3. When I first saw it, before the instructional part, it didn't look all that difficult.

    But then when it showed all the moves involved, it looks hard!


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