Monday, 19 September 2011



I am going to Portugal in less than two weeks, baby!!!! If anyone deserves a break, I reckon I do!!!

My family. I love 'em. My mum is taking me on holiday. My sister never fails to make me smile - especially when she pretended the hand dryer in Glasgow Central station was sucking her in tonight. My dad and brother are awesome too. And don't even get me started on my fab friends. Love them all. :-)

Oh, and I randomly bonded with my flatmates last Thursday night. About bloody time, eh???


I still feel sad way too often. Today I felt like I'd actually forgotten how to smile. (Well, until the aforementioned sister incident!)

Drinking all weekend with Mich was fun at the time, but I regretted it quite a lot this morning. It caught up on me bigtime.

I'm upset that I didn't actually steal the mini wine carafe from the pub last night. I put it in my bag. I then took it out to prove it, and apparently never brought it home. Gutted.


I have less than two weeks to get a bikini bod. OH. MY. GOD.

What are YOUR Good, Bad and Uglys??? Feel free to share in the comments. :-) Or just let me know how your weekends were? Or just validate me in general. Whatever, really!!!


  1. Ummmmmmmmmmm, can I join your family? I'd LOVE to go to Portugal! Or just about anywhere, really. And if someone else is paying, even better!

    GOOD - My communication professor gave us a study guide for Friday's exam and I have a lot LESS to memorize thatn I initially thought I would.

    BAD - Had to get up waaaaaaaaaaaay too early this morning. Ugh!

    UGLY - Jealousy reared it's ugly head when some other girl talked to my secret crush, drawing his attention away from me and onto her.

  2. The good
    - Still on a high from going on safari
    - Got my new company car on Friday
    - Took the Mother out for a meal and no drama

    The bad
    - slowly comming down and getting back into reality after the holiday

    The ugly
    - Having to sort through over 2,000 photo's to get the cream of the crop. Worth it though very pleased with some of the results

  3. The GOOD - 13 weeks until my holiday to Australia, 2 until I meet my niece for the first time.

    The BAD - Its been too long since I have seen you.

    The UGLY - still 13 weeks until my holiday :(

  4. Good - bank holiday... no work til Tuesday (thank Christ)

    Bad - radio silence :(

    Ugly - horrendous mood swings and going out of my way to seem daft and fun to hide / try to ignore how I'm really feeling.

    The weekend was fun, but oh my God, never again. Too expensive and I honestly thought I would die from the DTs on Monday. x


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