Sunday, 21 August 2011


I went to one of my old flatmate's birthday nights out last night.

Funnily enough, I only read the message she'd sent about it a week ago yesterday morning, when it had turned from being a girly night out into a "there'll be dudes there too" night out. And I said to another former flatmate, "I'm a bit worried that this guy might be there - but I'm not even going to ask her because I don't see why he would be."

The nutshell - I met this guy at a Hallowe'en/housewarming party that my friend threw nearly two years ago. We went on one date, arranged a second, and on the day of the second date he text to say he was getting back with his ex. I never responded to the text. I heard later from my friend that him getting back with the ex had came as a shock to EVERYONE, not just me. But I'd got the impression that since he got back with the ex he'd sort of lost contact with the guys again. I had no reason to think he would turn up at my friend's birthday.

I mean, why would he??? He must have known that I, as one of her best friends, would be there,

But I turned up, and there he bloody well was.

It's not like I cared really. I mean, I thought he was hot at the time, but we'd went on one date and then he had fucked me over. I just hadn't expected to see him ever again. And I just was PO'd that he turned up tonight like nothing had ever happened and then didn't even acknowledge me. No guilty conscience or anything??? WTF?

So it was almost inevitable. As we were leaving I went up to him. Don't really remember what I said to him, think I was just basically like "Hi, remember me? Yeah, I forgive you by the way." and possibly also gave him a hug. Eek.

It was basically like this, in terms of cringeworthy moments:

Except that I did it TO the guy I was going out with, not his friends! Eek again.

It just would have been FAR nicer to do it when I was still in a relationship, and not a sad singleton once again!



  1. Oh no! How awkward! That SATC moment was so classic - it showed the awkwardness just perfectly - so relateable!

  2. I remember this scene!

    How rude of that dude to ignore you. He had to have remembered you! You're braver than I am, I would've ignored him back and gossiped with my friends about what a prick he is.

  3. Good on you for saying something though I would personally have been a lot more harsh! Love that episode of SATC!

  4. maybe he felt awkward too? What if you made him feel like a huge dick? I'm hoping you did.


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