Sunday, 19 June 2011


So remember how I ended up in A & E last weekend and ended up having to pee in a cup twice?

Well, I was meant to phone the doctor's surgery midweek to get the results of my sample. I ended up unable to do it until Thursday, what with me being in London until Wednesday night and forgetting to bring the doctor's details with me. So on Thursday afternoon I managed to get through and ask the receptionist for my results.

She informed me that although I was on the system as a temporary patient, there was no result there for me. I was told the doctor would call me on Friday but that hasn't happened.

I'm now a bit worried that they've lost my pee and it's roaming about Glasgow somewhere. Someone has suggested it's probably got so much alcohol in it that it's been appropriated by an alcoholic tramp desperate for his next fix.

I suppose that's a possibility . . .


  1. That last paragraph cracked me up.

    Years ago, my boss at the time had a friend who had to bring in a pee sample to the doctors office. For some odd reason, she wasn't given anything to contain it in so she used an old vodka bottle she had laying around.

    Later that morning, she stopped off at the grocery store really quick before heading off to the drs office to drop off her sample. The bottle was sitting in the front seat. She said she was only gone for just a moment and when she came back, the bottle was gone! Whoever took it got a nasty surprise! lol

  2. I haven't been reading blogs since I've been here, so forgive me for missing this... YOU WERE IN LONDON??? Dude! I'm in London! Bummer that I missed you!

  3. I never thought I would agree with this option.

  4. Is it in a little container and running around like the milk carton in Blur's 'Coffee and TV' video?!?!

    That would be awesome.


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