Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A & E . . .

Last week was fairly hellish but worst of all? It resulted in me spending Saturday morning in A & E.

Not that I'd taken matters into my own hands or reverted to drastic measures, you understand. I had just been sore for a week or two, felt that there could be a potential kidney infection going on there, and since i was going to London on the Sunday, felt like I should do some damage limitation just in case.

What bit was the worst? Hmmm. Well, being talked to like I was an idiot wasn't fun, for a start. As I nervously bleated out my details to the brusque receptionist and she interrupted me saying "Can you slow down please? YOU know your details. I don't." (Funnily enough, despite her snarkiness she still got loads of my details wrong, i later discovered). Having to walk around with a cup of urine in front of other people isn't much of a laugh either. Neither is being informed that you'll have to make ANOTHER sample. And then have someone outside switch the light off in your loo while you're trying to do it, so you have to pull your pants back up so you can presentably open the door and ask them in as polite as way as you can possibly manage to switch them back on. Then feel the pressure of knowing someone is waiting outside the door for you to finish peeing.

Then to get to London after other trying stuff in between and, in less than two days, have a horrid reaction to the cocodomol you're taking which makes you feel first faint/dizzy then have two puking incidents which actually ruin one of your nights in London and make you - GASP! - not even want to drink alcohol!!! (AND go to bed before midnight - another rare side effect!)

Good god!

Anyhoo, I'm back now. Broken slightly but not beaten. Overwhelmingly sad. But I'll survive.

Now just need to have some wine and get some sleep and hopefully my all-over-the-place emotions will be fixed.

And fingers crossed I don't have to go to that horrible A & E place anytime soon . . .


  1. So sad we couldn't meet up. :( Hope you recover fully quickly. xx

  2. Yikes, I hope you get better!

  3. I commiserate - i spent some time in Emergency this weekend too. But it wasnt me, it was my son - he had a severe croup attack, which meant he couldnt breath properly and the lack of oxygen was starting to make his muscles twitch. Very scary with an 18 mth old... and not fun!

  4. Eek, how awful!Hope you get better quickly!


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