Monday, 9 May 2011


Do you remember my edible shoes??? (not literally edible, obvs.)

Well, every since the first time I bought them, Primark have stocked variations of them. Always pretty, always with good grips on them, a mere six quid a pair. How can I resist? No matter how the style of them is varied, they only ever have seemed to be available in a few colours. Namely black, gold or silver.

Today, while in Primark, I decided it might be an idea to see if they had any in stock. As I mentioned recently, I go through ballet pumps at a rate of knots, due to walking so much. I practically stock pile these shoes, for realsies.

And then . . . I made an incredible discovery.


Pale blue and lilac, as per below - these were the ones I ended up buying.

There were also white ones and lemon ones, but I had to draw the line somewhere. I AM skint, after all.

But - oh my god - day? Officially made!

Add to that several glasses of rose, a sweet email from someone quite far away from me right now (sad face - at least it's not for long though!) AND the fact that I only have three days of work left before I have yet another long weekend, and I'm feeling pretty damn happy right now.

What's making YOU happy?


  1. I bought new shoes too :)

  2. New shoes. New shoes definitely make me happy

  3. those look fantastic!! i wear mine out very fast too. i'm very hard on shoes. but cute pairs like these, that are also comfortable are the best, aren't they???

  4. I've yet to find a pair of ballet flats that don't make my feet look like canoes.


  5. Hi,
    I saw these shoes and I fell in love. They look really comfortable.
    Truly edible shoes would be very interesting. I know some people make edible wedding dresses (out of chocolate apparently). Personally, I wouldn't want to eat anything that's been on someone's feet, but I'm sure there's a few out there.

  6. So pretty!

    I have over 50 pair of shoes and my dad doesn't understand why I feel the need to buy more. He says I'll never need to buy another pair because I'll never wear out the ones I have.


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