Monday, 7 March 2011


Me? I was grumbling under my breath about the guy in front of me on the pavement because he was walking really slowly, seemed to be taking up most of the pavement, and holding me up from getting home from a hard day's work.

Yep. I was being a moody be-atch. (But, like I said - hard day's work!)

The outcome? As I finally stalked past him in overtake mode, I somehow managed to trip over my own foot and stubbed my toe on the ground. Ouch.

Yep. Karma's a bitch.

(Although people who walk slowly and get in my way are STILL annoying as hell, and no amount of bad karma will stop me from thinking that. Sorry.)

Has karma kicked YOUR ass recently? Do share. . .


  1. Instant karma is a bitch. But a good teacher. ;-)

  2. Shoveled my car out of snow for an hour when snow plow just berries it all over again in my face.

  3. I think Karma is (hopefully) leaving me alone for the time being. My appetite seems back to normal, thank God!

    Now wondering what other side effects I may have the pleasure of experience from my meds lol


  4. Just last week I had doubts that my co-worker was sick when she suddenly had to leave work early one day. I thought she just wanted to avoid a deadline...
    Yesterday, I started feeling so sick all of the sudden in the afternoon that I had to sign myself out early and go home.

    Yeah, karma definitely got me this time!

  5. I definitely believe in Karma. Years ago, I was unemployed and got robbed while out. The robbers stole my unemployment check and I boldly declared "well, at least I have my health". Six months later I was diagnosed with cancer.

    I don't tempt fate and believe karma will bite you in the ass every chance it gets.

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  7. I hate slow walkers. HATE them. Slow walkers need to die.

    Ok, that was a bit harsh maybe, but they really annoy me.


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