Saturday, 19 February 2011


So I ordered three books I HAD TO HAVE IMMEDIATELY off amazon yesterday and paid extra to get them delivered today. I had them less than 24 hours later.

That's not really related. I noticed just now that a £40 wine voucher from Virgin Wines had fluttered unseen from the package at the time I eagerly ripped it open, and was lying on my bed.

Ooooh, thought I. Wow, I also thought. I glanced at it, and discovered what it was in fact offering me was £40 off a 12 case bottle of wine of my choice (worth 89.99 or more.) So I thought about this and tried to do some mental arithmetic in my head. I am not very good at mental arithmetic, so I eventually divided 90 pounds by ten, worked out ten bottles would be about 9 pounds each, so it was a little less than that.

Which seemed a bit rubbish considering I can get three bottles of wine for 12 quid in my local Iceland. (The shop. I don't have my own mini country in the west end of Glasgow or anything. That would just be weird.)

Then I remembered that it would actually only be 49.99 so only five quid per bottle if it was ten bottles, and therefore a bit less than five quid for 12.

Which is actually really good.

Plus it would save me having to go to my local shop for alcohol for a wee while and therefore they might start to think I wasn't an alcoholic. Occasionally I try to fool them by staying away for a bit, but they always reel me back in eventually. The bastards. (Yesterday I even tried to trick them that someone else was going to be joining me, by buying a bottle of my usual rose AND a bottle of white. Both for me, obviously. But since they probably know my drinking habits, I thought I might have fooled them. In retrospect, buying RED wine would probably have been more of a cunning plot. But I HATE that.)

Then I realised that probably those 12 bottles of wine wouldn't last me all that long.

I find it fairly impossible to keep wine in the flat without drinking it. The only time I managed it was when I was sick at the end of last year, and a few bottles of wine I'd bought from Asda online remained undrunk for approximately . . . um, two days. So 12 bottles just lying around BEGGING me to open them? Um - not a good idea.

That being said . . . I'm still considering it.

Yep. I'm that kinda girl, I'm afraid.


  1. That's a good deal! I hope you did it :)
    What books did you get?

  2. I think we may be long-lost sisters!

    Rapunzel x

  3. These are all fairy tales!

  4. The author is really cool. But some of the commentators are just posting stupid words.

  5. Some of the Virgin Wine offers are really good, make sure you don't inadvertently sign up for their case every three months though.

  6. I wonder if they have a special name for you.

  7. Do it! Maybe it will be like that concept where if you eat all the cookies you want, they'll lose their power over you. And maybe all that wine just sitting in your house will make you not even want it.

    OR you'll be so drunk that you won't care what the liquor store people think of you. Either way, it's a win/win!

  8. Too confuddling for this old brain, I just bin all leaflets :)


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