Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Today, let's talk about self service checkouts in supermarkets.

Yes, I know people may think they're quicker and more efficient and all that shit. But here's my two cents.


Anytime I've queued for them, I've had to wait for AGES. Something always goes wrong with the person in front of you.

In addition, what is with this whole "UNFAMILIAR ITEM IN BAGGING AREA" crap. It's my SHOPPING, goddammit!!! That's why I'm here!

And half the time it rejects your cash.

Is it any wonder I nearly always opt for the human person serving you queue???

So imagine my absolute FURY tonight when the only human being actually SERVING had the cheek to ask me to go to the self service checkout??? It wasn't even cos I was a little bit tipsy, because I don't like self service at the best of times. First of all the machine didn't recognise my item - a bottle of alcohol. Then it didn't recognise my second item because it had to get a human to ID me. THEN it didn't accept the fact that I wanted to buy cream cakes too. I don't think it wanted my cash so I ended up using my card (I may just have been paranoid by then.) THEN it finally decided I hadn't bagged stuff properly - yes, I hadn't, All along. Because the machine was stressing me out way too much for me to actually be able to open a bag for me to put my items in.

The whole time this other member of staff was looking over, talking to another member of staff and pointing. I actually wanted to just leave the stuff and go. YES. Leave my WINE. THAT was how bad I felt....

By the end of it, I wanted to go and punch the apparent member of staff who couldn't actually help me in the first place and just put my items through the regular till, while one poor lovely member of staff had to serve the numerous desperate stressed out souls she was too lazy to serve herself.

By the time I left the store, I was stressed out and ready to cry. I made a point of thanking the woman who HAD helped us for her time. After all, she seemed like the only person who was actually WORKING In the shop.

Self service checkouts??? Load of shit, as far as I can see . . .



  1. I totally agree. If I'm buying alcohol (which I usually am...)I always try to opt for the human checkout! :)

  2. :( I'm sorry! If I'd realised you were THIS stressed I'd have dragged you into the pub for a 'calm down' drink.

    Other lady was SO nice, though. If I wasn't sort of not-single I'd have totally fired into her.


    *ahem* sorry! *huuugs* Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

    Don't let one person who is dissatisfied with their life / job / day spoil yours. :(


  3. I refuse to use them. I mean, I pay good $ for my groceries. Part of that money goes to pay the cashiers. I want them to have to do their job so I NEVER use those stupid things!

    A long time ago, I worked at a bank and across the street was a grocery store. Sometimes I'd go in there at lunch time and grab something quick to eat. There was one cashier who INSISTED I use the self-service checkout thingie. She even made a point of running my stuff through it each and every time, showing me how it worked. Pissed me off because I wasn't interested in using that thing.

  4. I love your rants!

    Sorry. Sounds like you had an horrible time of it. Evil cow. (Not you, the lazy checkout woman!)

    Enjoy your wine, you deserve it! x

  5. LOL. Sorry, but LOL.
    I always opt for the self service.
    Love them.
    But then again, I'm a control freak and they give me control ... so ... maybe I don't count?

  6. Good God yes. I always thought they were a good IDEA but seldom good in practice. Ours are the same. Always telling you there are unfamiliar items in bagging area and all that. WTF? You end up moving and replacing things then it won't scan something and you need help and AAARGH. unless you have only two items and no one's in line for them, it's best just to wait for the damn cashier.

  7. They'd be brilliant if it wasn't for that bloody bagging bollocks! I don't want to use one of your fecking bags so cock off and let me scan my stuff. I worked in supermarkets when i was 15 i know how ti works just let me do it

    Unfamiliar item in bagging area


  8. "Please put your item IN THE BAG."

    "Please put your item IN THE BAG."

    I swear to god I will hear that voice in hell.

  9. The self service checkouts are just a stop-gap until RFID tags become commonplace - at which point you will just wheel your trolley through, and 90% of the content will be totalled without touching anything...

  10. I HATE self-checkout. I make a point of it to never get in those lines.

    New follower! :)

  11. Is it sad that I get my 10 year old to do it all the scanning, putting it on the shelf thing - then I just pay? :)


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