Monday, 6 December 2010

SNOW = SH*T!!!!

So approximately ten days later and it's STILL effin' snowing.

Seriously, how long is this going to go on for? Miraculously, my colleagues managed to get down to London yesterday as planned, after a week of stressing thinking it wouldn't happen. Today, I had to do a mad long shift (6.40 am - 5.10pm) and I slipped my tootsies into my ballet pumps (sounds mental, I know, given the weather, but they are soooo much better than gripping on ice than any of my boots) and skidded and skated and teetered my way over the ice to work, thinking "well, hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the Ice Age." (While simultaneously sweating like a pig despite the negative temperatures due to the fact I was so stressed out about trying not to fall over.)

Famous last words, as next time I looked out the window, the snow had started again. And it snowed and it snowed and it snowed.

And gradually most of the public transport in and around Glasgow was cancelled.

And it EVEN got to the point where all the Glasgow office were reluctantly told we could actually go home if we wanted. And then, despite the fact it's our department's busiest time of the year, even OUR department offered to let us go. A TRULY unprecedented move.

So I got to leave forty minutes early and traipse through a snowy/slush puppy/ice rink in my ballet pumps. Yippee!

APPARENTLY it's meant to shoot up in temperature by the end of the week, but in the meantime I've forgotten what it feels like to be warm. And what it feels like to be able to walk fast without the permanent fear of slipping over on the ice and breaking my neck.

I am SOOOO over this weather. So far it's brought me:

*sore legs from trying to walk in the snow
*sore back from falling in the snow
*sore hip which was apparently a later side effect of falling in the snow
*permanently wet and cold feet
*clothes covered in salt and snow splashes
*embarrassment from falling over, and one or two near misses where I barely saved myself from falling
*extra long trips to work thanks to having to walk like Bambi for fear of falling again
*people trying to throw snowballs at me


I think so anyway . . .


  1. Oh gosh...
    I'm leaving for Montana at the end of the week and they have about 12 inches just sitting on top of them and it's supposed to snow all next week while I'm there. I'm terrified! I've never even hardly seen snow! (With the exception of the blizzard in 1993...but I was 2 for Christ's sake. I don't remember that crap!)

    I really hope it stops snowing over there soon! And in the northern US...yeah that'd be nice too!

    As for the sore legs...count it as a workout? :D

  2. Just think of winter and snow as a great butt workout! I can say this: I'm Canadian, I live with this shit for 6 months of the year...sigh...great butt workout...great butt workout...

  3. Meanwhile, its supposed to be summer here in Oz and all we're getting my region is rain, rain, rain! So much in fact that the river that runs through the middle of town is flooded and... i cant get to work - so no work for me for at least a week, maybe even two!
    I do however agree about the snow being shit - I HATE SNOW!

  4. I want the snow to end NOW. You've got it much worse than I do - I'm not pretending otherwise. We were all told to go home at lunchtime and to work from home. Fine and dandy... except that only me and the temp girl got home okay, so it was just us trying to hold the fort and answer emails and phone through bookings and keep in touch with each other while everyone else from the office was stuck on goddamn buses or waiting for trains that weren't going to come.

    It wasn't pleasant. And I'm still cold.

    I honestly think we should run away to Valencia. I'm not even joking anymore! *huuugs* xXx

  5. I'm so sorry!
    Send some snow to LA seriously! :)
    It poured all yesterday, and today it feels like spring! I want your snow!

  6. Dont come to visit us here lol :)

  7. lol I have to laugh because we have snow waist-deep about 7 months of the year... but then again we're also equipped to deal with it because it's normal. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be over there right now... crossing my fingers it all melts asap!!

  8. I know how you feel... it's all iced over in SE england now and I hate it!! but I just saw STV news and they're saying that this slight thaw's only going to last for a few days... ARGH!! And we need the business at work, too! x

  9. I read your post title and thought to myself, "Yep, I totally agree with that statement!" so I knew I had to read it.

    It snowed on Saturday and I think maybe some on Sunday here. It seems to be melting SLIGHTLY but not fast enough for me. I let my dogs out this morning and realized that they don't weigh enough to even sink down into it. Anyone looking at my back yard would think they don't ever go out.

    I hope it stops snowing there and warms up even if only a tiny bit and starts to melt it.

    You know, I used to work for a bank and when I worked upstairs, they would sometimes let us go home if the weather was bad. Then I moved down to the first floor and they NEVER let us go home early for any reason.

  10. Thank god someone else is annoyed by the snow.. my journey to work takes double the time with all this ice thats left over from it and i cant step outside my front door without sliding a good metre down the driveway


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