Saturday, 11 December 2010


The snow is FINALLY starting to melt. I actually managed to walk down my street to the shop to buy wine earlier WITHOUT it being entirely an ice rink. It was a little strange, after Glasgow being pretty much white for the past fortnight. But I ain't complaining one bit.

On top of that, I get to escape to London tomorrow, which I'm also happy about. My first ever work trip to London IN DECEMBER. Only ever been in June before, so this should be good. Down there with a good group of colleagues, staying in a great location (near Kings Cross). On top of that, I get to reunite with Elle and Victoria, neither of whom I have seen since the Manchester meet-up nearly a year ago now. Can't wait! (Anyone else about???)

In other news, I am currently glued to the X Factor final. I don't really mind who wins, as long as Cher Lloyd doesn't win. I really liked her at the start, she came on and did this fantastic audition of "Turn My Swag On". But since then, she's went down in my estimation. So Matt, Rebecca, One Direction? PLEASE out-sing the arrogant little diva tonight!

Anyway, I'm feeling unusually optimistic tonight. It's December, I'm going to London, it's nearly Christmas, other things are . . . looking optimistic for now. We'll have to see.

Of course, there IS the fact I have to get on a plane. Which terrifies me a little bit.

There's ALWAYS a downside with me . . .


  1. I'm rooting for Rebecca. She's awesome, and from the clips I've heard, she's superior to the others.

    Have a great trip!

  2. It's nice that the snow's gone. No more deathtrap roads for us to slip on. Ha.

    I'm gutted - I'll be in London on Tuesday so I'll miss you! But hope to see you next year! :D

  3. I was also pleased to see the back of Cher....she seemed interesting in the auditions but then got way too big for her boots when SC and co kept telling her how fab she was, when she's really not that good!
    Hope Rebecca wins and you have a good time in London :)

  4. Have a great trip! I wanna go to London too, my best friend lives there now. Must be super festive during the holiday :)


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