Sunday, 19 December 2010


  • unwell. (Which I hate, because I don't *do* sick)
  • procrastinating rather than wrapping presents
  • feeling a bit removed from the blogosphere (just have loads of other things on my mind)
  • having loads of things on my mind (did you already work that one out?)
  • confused (why are boys so confusing?)
  • wondering why text messages can be so damn ambiguous sometimes
  • coughing a lot (severity of coughing noise? Sonewhere between a heavy smoker's cough and a deathbed cough. Yup, just like that.)
  • looking at my google reader and wondering how I've let the blogosphere go to the state that I have 659 unread items sitting there
  • considering pressing "mark all as read" as just thinking about it makes my head hurt and makes me want to go and curl up in a little ball
  • wishing the snow would piss off already. (it's just getting beyond a joke now.)
  • wondering where my appetite has gone and if it buggered off when my common cold turned up.
  • thinking waaaay too much . . .

Anyway, that's where I am right now. What about you?


  1. aww honey *hugggs*

    You poor thing :(

    Hope you get better ASAP - though don't think work is going to be a possibility for you if you're this bad.

    I'm... distracting myself. If I'm sober, I have fucked up dreams and disturbed sleep. If I'm drunk, I have fucked up dreams and disturbed sleep. I can't win. Ho hum.


  2. Being sick sucks :-(
    Get better soon....

  3. I'm sick too!!!
    Get well soon... just a few days until Christmas! :)

  4. dear P.
    I am a new follower. But, thats not what i was going to say

    what i was going to say is, GET BETTER SOON! I really hope you feel well soon. and that all your problems clear up into perfection.


  5. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you get better soon, you can't be sick for Christmas! I was once and it was pretty awful.

    Wish my appetite would leave. Actually, it's not so much my appetite that I want to leave. I just wish I had some actual self control and didn't feel the need to shovel anything and everything in my mouth.

  6. Hope you're feeling a bit better by now. *hugs*

    My reader looked the same earlier. Got it down to 40 now, but a lot did just get marked as read. Some bloggers are too prolific for busy months...

    Have a great christmas!
    Vicky x


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