Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I am back at work tomorrow. But just for one day.

Technically we get Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and January 2nd. Which means, as they all fell on weekend days this year and we're entitled to them, we got the 27th and 28th, and 3rd and 4th Jan instead. On top of that, we get three days festive leave which is for the three week days in between Christmas and New Year that are neither of these.

BUT . . . because our department is so busy, they need people into cover on these three days, so I ended up being allocated the 30th.

It's obviously kinda shit as I like to be off the whole way through the hols, and it would be LOVELY to be off all the way through from the 24th Dec to the 5th January. However, I've been trying to look at it in a positive way and think "well, the 30th is halfway through the holidays, therefore I get 5 days off followed by one day in work followed by another five days off. Perhaps it will make me appreciate the holiday more."

However, not only have the past five days absolutely FLEW by, but I've been virtually WISHING them away so that I can get my one day in the office over with, so I can be back to being off work again. So it's like I'm not really appreciating the time off. Which is kinda crap.

Anyhoo, despite me being totally aware that I'm doing it, roll on 4pm tomorrow so I can have my next five days off . . . despite this current five days not being over yet.

Do you have to work over the Christmas/New Year period? Do you mind having to do it?


  1. Here in the states, most places aren't so generous with their holidays.

    Most places I've worked give you New Years and Christmas off... some places give you NYE and Christmas Eve off too...

    I'm currently only a contract employee so I only got Xmas and New Years Day paid off... since those were both Saturdays I got the Eves paid off. But the place I was working at was closed the day before Christmas Eve (because they got Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off and moved the Christmas Day off to Thursday). They also had a "floating holiday" for Monday... so they were closed then... I didn't get paid for Thursday or Monday.

    This coming up holiday they are closed NYE and the Monday after... I only get paid for NYE.

    So yeah I get 5 days off, but only 2 of them are paid.

  2. Hope you had a merry Christmas my wee Scottish lassie! It's the same here, everyone seems to be off most of the days then in for a day or two this week then off again. Might as well just close it all down till January I say. Would anything REALLY suffer? I doubt it. Happy new year for the weekend!

  3. Same here - only ever work oneday between christmas and new year...kinda pointless as it's quiet because people assume we're on holiday!! Sooooooo glad I don't work in retail!!

  4. Every job I ever worked at, we'd usually leave early on Christmas Eve, have Christmas off and then it was back to work the next day. We'd work through New Years Eve. Sometimes we'd leave early that day and sometimes not. One job I worked at, I had to work New Years Day too which sucked. And then we'd all return the day after New Years.

    Two jobs ago, I always took the week of Christmas off. My boss would try to make it so a different person each year could take the time off but by the time Christmas rolled around, I was usually the only one who had any vacation time left.

    My last job, those two weeks were considered a black out, meaning no one could take any time off. I never got quite why - it's not like they were any busier during the holidays. If anything, they were probably slower.

    And now that I haven't been working for a long time, weekends and holidays just don't have the same meaning anymore. I don't appreciate them nearly as much.

  5. Yep... sat here at work - just like you - waiting for the next few days off to start. Can't really get teeth into anything worth doing, because a couple of days don't cut it.

    Love the blog!

  6. I've been studying the last two weeks :( Every day! Have my exams starting on the 10th of January :( Oh well at least I'm home!

  7. I usually have to work at least one of the holidays. But I make holiday pay.

  8. no we have started having a xmas shut down, we need to use 3 days leave for between xmas and new year, so we bascially finish on xmas eve till 5th Jan, the office is closed. i dont mind using the leave as i love to be off this time of year.


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