Tuesday, 30 November 2010


  • Tuesday night drinks . . . are the new Friday night drinks. In fact, any nights drinking is the new Friday night drinks. Even those still done on Friday. (Why, YES, I've been drinking...)

  • Buying the right present for someone is AWESOME. I met my friend tonight for her to buy me a belated birthday dinner, and had her present from HER Birthday waiting for her . . . her birthday was in August. It was a Whoopie Pie recipe book and baking tray. She opened it, said "Did you know I'm obsessed with these?" I didn't know. In fact, she had stumbled upon them last month in a random cafe. I bought her the gift two months before. Am I psychic??? (I generally like to think I'm good at present buying, but when you buy someone something they've been wanting without KNOWING they've wanted it . . . it is the ULTIMATE. Especially if you bought it for them before they even knew THEMSELVES!!!)
  • Haggis balls are awesome! (And no, that's NOT an euphemism, thank Christ!)
  • Offering someone the rest of your companion's drink as you leave the pub is . . . a little weird. Look, if you were my friend, I might have drank it, but you WERE just a random sitting at the next table . . . do you really think I trust you???
  • Joining my sore back and vying for possible medical attention are a sore neck (just at the front), sore legs (from walking in the snow), and a random sore arm that appeared yesterday just after lunch and seems to hurt every time I flex my thumb or forefinger (pulled muscle? nerve issue? Any ideas?) . Of course it probably didn't help that when I fell yesterday, I used that hand to try and break my fall. (Without much success admittedly). I'm not used to having multiple sore areas at once (that haven't been brought on by alcohol and/or a hangover, that is), it's very disconcerting.
  • Why were there guys on my subway train home singing very loudly about fisting a sheep??? Why did it really annoy me at first, then I just really wanted to laugh?
  • Who would WANT to fist a sheep???
  • And WHY???
  • Was it possibly football related?
  • Why won't the snow just GO AWAY????


  1. Haggis balls sound delicious! Was introduced to haggis this summer during a family Scotland holiday and absolutely loved it!
    Hope all your sore areas feel better quickly!

  2. never had haggis before, they sound delightful!

    and yes, the snow is uber annoying now, we've got more to come in SE england.... couldn't go to work today... baah!! :( x

  3. I received some photos from my sis this morning of the Scottish snow. I had no sympathy though because I have Canadian snow and it's here for months so I am all superior and haughty. :)

    Damn I loved haggis as a kid. Haggis sandwiches with ketchup - the ultimate white trash delight. Haggis balls though? Sounds intriguing.


    I foresee me drinking the rest of my advent calendar. Yes, after drinking cans 21-24 because the Pagan holiday is before Christmas Day.



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