Monday, 29 November 2010


My day was shitty. My pride is wounded slightly. My back is KILLING me.

Yes, the highlight to the shitty day (work generally sucked, and I think I've given up on Work Crush because it has been four months since the wedding now - albeit it took me over a month to realise I liked him - and I'm tired of the constant mixed signals. Oh, and there was still SNOW, in fact MORE SNOW than there was yesterday. Yippee. Not.) was me falling flat on my back on the way home from work.

It was a total comedy fall admittedly, like the slipping-on-a-banana idea where I seemed to fly ten feet or so into the air before landing. And I think the shock got to me first as, although (thankfully) there were not many people around, I started laughing loudly. The sort of thing one does when you're alone and do something embarrassing and have no one you know to laugh it off with. Or the sort of thing *I* do when I've done something stupid and want to point it out before anyone else does. Like the time I walked into a pole outside my work when I'd only just started working there a few days before. Or the time I accidentally threw out my security fob for the door in and out of my office and had to point it out to everyone before I started rummaging in the bin for it.

Yeah, you have to laugh or you'll cry, right? I laughed, even as the woman in front turned around to ask me if I was okay. Then I picked myself up off the ground, looked around to see how many witnesses there were (the woman who asked if I was okay. The man behind me yabbering away on his mobile phone. That was it. Result!) and started walking.

Two seconds later, I heard the unmistakeable sound (it HAD just happened to me after all) of someone falling behind me. In the exact same spot I had. Oh yes, it was the guy on his mobile. His phone still clutched to his ear as he yelled aloud Trigger Happy tv style "Yeah, yeah, I've just fallen over!"

I continued to giggle.

As I got closer to my house, the pain set in. I am lucky enough to have never experienced back pain before. This was agony. I went into the shop next to my flat, for once not caring if they thought I was an alkie as I bought some wine "for medicinal purposes". I told the guy behind the counter that I'd fallen over.

I then told one of my flatmates who I've barely spoken to and usually walk past and just say hi.

I then text half of my phone's address book to tell them.

Then I cried with the pain for about ten minutes, got in a hot bath, then lay on my bed with a hot water bottle under me and started drinking my medicine/alcohol.

Oh, and then I told all you guys.

What can I say? Misery and humiliation loves company.

You can't share my wine though...


  1. Aww darlin'! *huuugs*

    I've not decked it... yet :S

    Sod it, think I'm opening my wine... or breaking into my advent calendar early...

    Mich needs her medicine too!

    *huuugs* take it easy, honey - and rest up. Hopefully no bruises! x

  2. If there's ever a slippery occasion where I can make an arse of myself by falling over, I'll do it. And you should try living in a place where it's heavy snow/ice on the ground five months a year and be me at the same time. Not fun. I am one big bruise all winter.

    Heh, my mum was just telling me about all the snow there and how everything was shut. I was all, "Yeah, pathetic. If everything here shut every time it snowed, we'd have the whole winter off."

    Stupid snow. Feel better. Wear knee pads. :)

  3. I once fell over when hungover. At work. I fell onto a giant box and fell asleep. A customer politely woke me up.

    That day was a long day.

    But make the most of a good comedy fall, because then you have a right to laugh at other people :)

  4. aww *hugs*
    slipping on ice is NO fun!! I did it last year numerous times in the snow... ouch!

    oh and that trigger happy moment MUST of been funny! I miss THTV!! :( Dom to win IAC?!

  5. I hope you're ok, slipping like take can be very tricky. Look out the next few days to see if you'll have trouble moving.

  6. I personally think the best part is the chap who followed you. There is nothing better to watch someone else fall, especially right after you have!


  7. You poor thing! Still, any excuse for medicinal booze...

  8. I fell on Sunday and totally feel your pain! It was one of those I can't even sit down it hurts so much things.
    Baths, hot water bottles and medicinal alcohol were my saviours too.


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