Sunday, 17 October 2010


So over the past couple of weeks, I've taken to walking to work in my ballet pumps as usual, then swapping them in the loos for high heels before I enter the office.

It wasn't really a conscious thing as such - a couple of days before I went on holiday it was pissing with rain and I thought my feet would get wet if I wore my ballet pumps, so I put on my UGGs. Then I figured since I was going to have to change shoes anyway once I got there (UGGs not exactly workwear appropriate in my eyes, after all) I may as well wear heels. So I did. And I felt very tall and like a grown up, and my legs were looking, in my opinion, FUCKING FANTASTIC, so I've kept it up since.

On Friday I was dressing down though. I had on black tights with hearts on them, a denim skirt and a basic top, so figured I could just keep my ballet pumps on for a change.

On Friday afternoon, one of my colleagues said to me "the guys out there were talking about you earlier" -
meaning the group of guys who work directly in view of the door into the office. "They were saying they like that you've started wearing high heels."

I hadn't even realised anyone had noticed. "Why were they talking about it?" I said. To me, it seems a bit of a weird conversation for guys to be having.

"They said they liked that they make you look taller." He replied, looking a bit vague.

"Oh right." I still found this weird. "Well, I'm not wearing heels today. So why did this come up in conversation?"

"They were saying they PREFERRED it when you wore heels."

"Right, so they were saying that I look crap when I don't wear heels then?" Typical female logic, right?

I think by this point my colleague realised it would probably be safer to just shut up and probably wished he hadn't said anything.

But I suppose, if nothing else, it proves that it's NOT just me who thinks my legs look fucking fantastic in high heels . . .


  1. Man coworkers? If so they were not just looking at you legs, heels give a great lift to the behind.

  2. See I don't understand the just putting heels on at work...because I want everyone on the way to work to see fantastic I look in them too ;)

    Ooh, me thinks your heels were giving some of the guys at work some jollies. For you to decide if this is a good thing, lol.

  3. Caro - oh, good point, I never thought of that.

    Lifebeginsat30ty - the problem is I can't walk for long distances in heels. But one or two days I've tried to leave the office wearing them ... mainly so I can admire my legs in the shop windows. It's resulted in much pain though.

  4. If I wore heels I'd be about 6'3 or more but I love what they do to my posture too. Just don't really wear them!

  5. Oh babe, start learning to take compliments lol :P

    And I agree - getting checked out at work isn't such a bad thing. Always nice to be admired :)


  6. Methinks the dudes werent looking at your shoes Paula....
    Lord, imagine what they'd be saying if you wore knee high stiletto boots to work? Do it and be scandalous woman!

  7. I second what Mich says - Few things can divebomb a conversation quicker than not taking a compliment. If you don't agree with it, just smile and appreciate the effort!

    That being said, I'm never really understood the appeal of heels :/ Maybe it's because I'm only 5'9", so I like shorter women typically.

  8. It's always nice to be checked out! I haven't had anyone check me out in a really long time.

    I wish I could wear heels. I'm so unladylike in them though. But I LOVE them, they're so pretty!

  9. A little ego boost is always nice, isn't it?? :)


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