Tuesday, 7 September 2010


A colleague today told me I was one of the few people he knew who looked younger in the time he knew me than older. I think that was a tad of an exaggeration but I took it at face value (no pun intended) anyway.

He asked me my secret.

I said I didn't know. I KNOW I look pretty young for my age, I STILL get ID'd occasionally (once in the pub just the other week, in fact). But I don't KNOW what my secret is. I don't think I even HAVE a secret.

He asked if it was genetics. I shrugged.

"I know!" he decided. "It's because you drink so much alcohol, it's preserving your youthful looks."

"So . . ." I said slowly. "You're saying it's like I'm PICKLED?"

"Yes!" he agreed smugly.

So there you go, folks, there's the secret of eternally youthful looks apparently. Just pickle yourself in alcohol!

Problem solved.

Apparently . . .


  1. Magic, I'm well on my way to looking ever-youthful, then!

    I told you, the arrangment is you're forever 25, I'm forever 19, and A is forever 21.

    Those were the ages agreed on, right? Basically we've not been getting older since about 2004/2005 :P


  2. That is too funny. I think I would have had one of my "Ummm, thanks?" moments. At least he was trying to pay you a compliment. Men.

  3. LOL. That'd be awesome.
    "No no, I need to drink this wine, it's making me hawt and youthful"
    "Okay then!"

    Mmm, wine AND get prettier. Sounds like a fantasy!

  4. I have GOT to start drinking more then.


  5. Well, your co-worker sounds utterly delightful :/ I'm babyfaced if I'm cleanshaven, which can be awkward at times. As a result, I try to keep some stubble, unless I'm going on a date or dating someone.

  6. CTFU! I'm not much of a drinker so I guess I know now what I gotta do! ;p

  7. For the longest time I used to be told that I looked like I was a teenager. I lllooovvveeeddd it! And then overnight practically, I started being told I looked a lot older. Which I do NOT like! The last person told me I look like I'm older than I actually am! Which I REALLY didn't like!!!!!! So I'm thinking about becoming a raging alcoholic now.

  8. That's awesome!!!! I look younger too. I'm 25 & I get id'ed for R rated movies. I know it's a lil sad but it does sure make ya feel good!!

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