Thursday, 2 September 2010


I actually don't HAVE much news, but I feel an insane need to post all the same (am I an addict? Should I make a trip to Bloggers Anonymous?) It's Thursday, it's nearly the weekend. I should be happy.

Why am I not??? Grrr. Tonight will mainly be spent drinking cava (yes, I never learn my lesson, do I? You'd think yesterday's post would have taught me but oh no!), reading "Look" and "Star" magazine, browsing the net (and trying not to spend my nonexistent cash - y'know, since it IS nonexistent and all) and watching Ultimate Big Brother!!!

Is anyone watching it? I haven't watched normal Big Brother in a few years now, but I do generally watch Celeb BB when it's on. This is like the best Celeb BB ever - I am absolutely LOVING it! I'm dying to know if Chantelle and Preston are going to get back together (I read online today that Preston's current girlfriend has apparently dumped him now - things could get interesting) or if Nikki is going to have a massive temper tantrum (she's been remarkably subdued so far, which is almost a disappointment) or if Victor (who I LOVE this time around) and Nasty Nick Bateman are going to start scheming together. I will be soooo sad when it's over.

In other news, I found out today that the Pope is coming to visit Glasgow. The POPE!!! Does it make me a bad Catholic that I knew nothing about this? Possibly. Although me then asking my colleagues if the Pope earned a wage, because "he must get to live in that fancy place rent free" might confirm my decidedly lapsed status. Where DOES he live? I know it's in the Vatican somewhere (right?) but whereabouts???

I also broke out my final pair of coloured contacts today. I've tried pretty much every colour of them now (and freaked people out a lot apparently - when I'm on nights out and people are drunk they start saying to me "this is going to sound a bit mad, but did you have YELLOW eyes yesterday?" It's really very funny. To me.) apart from the green ones, which I held off doing since my eyes ARE green, but I do kinda want to try them still. Anyway, I only have a brown pair left now (I can't afford to buy more right now, so have just been having to stick to my boring old normal contacts) so I figured I may as well use them. I always wanted to have blonde hair and brown eyes, and now I do! Yay. :)

Oh, and in other good news, I am still hopefully going away with my mum for my 31st next month. Unfortunately, my desire to go back to my beloved Canary Islands probably won't happen due to the fact it is ludicrously expensive. Ibiza and Menorca, on the other hand, are half the price. Probably because the weather is fairly unreliable in the Balearics at that time of year, but do you know something? I'd rather risk it than be stuck in Scotland for another birthday. Especially since this one is a bit of an anti-climatic one after last year's.

Do I have any other news? Um . . . no, not really. I'm just in a bad mood. I can't really explain it. Or it's a long story, and I still can't explain it, cos it makes no sense, not even in my own messed up head. So there you go.

What's YOUR news? (And seriously, where DOES the Pope live?)


  1. "Where does the Pope live?"
    "In the woods. No, wait, wait. That's the joke answer..."

    He lives in the Vatican, in Vatican City in Italy, which is an independent state (and I believe is the smallest state in the world).

    Fairly certain it's got the lowest pregnancy rate in the world as well, which is hardly surprising.

  2. ROTFL

    Mich is right, Vatican's tiny, it's just St Peter's Square and thereabouts :) The Pope lives in the Apostolic Palace most of the time, but he has a summer residence, too in Castel Gandolfo. Don't be misled I don't know it cause I'm a good Catholic (I have also known for some time BXVI was coming to visit Scotland) - nope, the reason is that the previous Pope was Polish. If the next one is Scottish, you will be able to find all the details about him and his residencies every day in your daily newspaper ;)

  3. Ha! One of my students wrestled me to the ground outside the Pope's bedroom window (or so I like to think, it was definitely in St Peter's Square) during a particularly vigorous game of ultimate frisbee. Said student is now a Catholic priest in training


  4. I am also loving Ultimate BB. Mon Chantelle and Preston and how much do I wish Brian was my friend! Well, he is in my head.

    Hope you get past feeling meh.


  5. Birthday night out on the cards? Pretty please?

  6. I have ALWAYS wanted to try brown contact lenses! That is RAD! I have light blue eyes and man they're boring. I'd love some nice green, hazel or brown. I bet I'd freak people I know out if my eyes were brown. I'd look like Satan! ME WANT!

  7. Is that a nosering I spy? I've always wanted one but my mom claimed to disown me if I ever got one. Hmm, thinking I should get one anyways...

    I got the colored contacts for green eyes. My eyes are hazel anyways and I wanted the green just to make them stand out a little more. The only time anyone ever noticed it was when I was sitting at a restaurant where the sun kind of shone on me. The person sitting across from me (it was a work function) commented on it and that was the only time anyone ever did. Looking at my eyes inside, I never noticed much difference.

    I kind of wouldn't mind trying the ones for blue eyes but I wonder if it would look abnormal on me. I knew someone who got them and they looked so odd on her. I don't know what it was but they didn't look natural on her at all.

  8. The Pope lives in little boys.


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