Sunday, 26 September 2010


When it comes to the issue of whether or not I am photogenic, it seems to be one extreme or the other for me. I either photograph really well or really badly. There doesn't really seem to be an in-between in my case.

Pictures of me taken from the side rarely look good, especially if I'm laughing (double chins, ahoy!). I also went through a phase of not being able to open both eyes properly in pictures. I mean, I THOUGHT I had my eyes open at the time and then when the picture was actually developed, I would realise that one of my eyes was half closed. Oh, and there was another double chin! Or something like that.

But when I was out on Thursday night and multiple pictures were being taken, I was talking to another girl about this. About how in this day and age, it's good to be able to check what the photos look like and delete then instantly if necessary. Rather than all this waiting around for the photos to be developed, only to discover you look absolutely horrendous in nearly all the photos.

"That being said," I added, "I don't actually MIND the odd bad photo of me. My theory is the bad ones make the good ones look even better."

"I never thought of it that way," the girl replied. "But what if ALL the pictures of you from a night out are bad."

I shrugged. "All you need to do is recreate it. Put on the outfit you were wearing at the night out and take a couple of good pictures of yourself."

"Are you joking?" she asked me.

Sadly? I wasn't, I have actually done that once or twice.

Don't tell anyone, 'kay?

Are you photogenic?


  1. I am most definitely not photogenic. In fact I think I look a little 'gifted' in some of mine. Praise ceiling cat for 'view' and 'delete' on mobile and digital cameras!

    And also... love your idea. Totally doing that in future as and when necessary. xXx

  2. To like the picture of myself my head has to be turning slightly to the left as one of my front teeth is more forward. If I take a strait picture you think that teeth is an inch in front of the other.

  3. id say im the same as you described, either ok and happy with a photo, or want to curl up and die of living off lettuce in the attempt to remove double chins and squinty looks!

  4. I am very hit or miss as well. Candids are almost always a miss for me. Apparently I am completely unattractive while talking and laughing, ha ha.

  5. I went through a very short phase where I was photogenic. And then one day it all went away. I have not seen a single picture of me in the last several years that I thought turned out ok.

  6. People tell me I'm photogenic, so I tend to trust them. Lately though, I haven't been so happy with it, since I put on like 20 pounds in the process of moving into a new apartment :/ But I'm slowly shedding the weight, which is good.

  7. I have the eye closed thing too. One eye doesn't open as much when I smile for some reason, makes me look hammered when I'm a sober sally! And I hate it when people take photos of me mid-laugh, I scrunch up my nose and am all gums - not a good look.

  8. Hahaha, that is a great idea!!!! Especially when all the pictures show a drunk version of oneself...

  9. if you take a ton of photos on a night where i'm drinking at least a couple will look alright ;)

  10. I always think I look like my Dad in a wig. Then years later I see the same photo and think 'Damn that wasn't that bad after all'.

  11. Gah, only sometimes! I don't think I'm at all attractive in real life (I have a few issues with this which I'm trying to work through but hey). A friend sai, 'you look stunning in all your pictures!' Me: 'Well that's because I only upload the GOOD ones!' XD


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