Friday, 13 August 2010


I was walking home today behind a rather rotund lady holding a takeaway pizza box. (Mmmmm - pizza.)

She was holding me up because she was walking so slow. That's why I noticed. (Also because it was pizza. Mmmm.)

I managed to finally pass her because she decided to go into a shop.

A fruit and veg shop.

Does that seem weird to anyone else?

It's like ordering a mountain of fried food in a cafe . . . and then ordering a diet coke.

The only weirder place I can imagine her taking her pizza box was into a Weight Watchers meeting.

(Which would just be plain NASTY!)

Unless she wanted extra veg toppings for her pizza, I guess . . .

Anyone else find this odd?

EDIT: I was not saying she was not allowed a pizza because she was overweight. I deny NO ONE pizza. The point I was making was that I found it strange that of all the places to go with a takeaway pizza box in hand, she chose a fruit and veg shop. It was merely an observation. If anything, I was jealous that she had a pizza and I didn't. Bitch. :)


  1. LOL! She's probably trying to feel better about eating the pizza by getting some veggies too. There actually is a pizza place right next to where my local Weight Watchers is. hehe. Yeahh it's brutal!

  2. Ha ha ha! I was just imagining someone taking fast food (and maybe some cake) into a weight watchers club! That would be taking the biscuit! Susie xx

  3. Maybe she worked in the shop and just nipped out to grab some lunch lol.

  4. So wait. Is she not allowed a pizza because she's overweight?

    Or is that she clearly couldn't possibly eat fruit and veg?

    Because I'm pretty overweight and I ate fruit and veg and I also ate pizza.

    And now I've lost 2 stone, I still do the same.

  5. To be honest, no, not at all. It could have been a plain cheese pizza or veggie pizza. Pizza isn't terrible for you. It's way better than going to McDonald's or anything like that.

    Just because you eat pizza one day doesn't mean you don't eat healthy during the week.

    And getting a diet coke tastes better to me then a regular coke (gives me heart burn).

    So no, nothing is wrong with this.

  6. Yeah - that is odd... Especially the deep fried, mega sized food with a diet coke thought. I see that all the time at fast food places!

    "Yeah, I'll have a big mac, super-sized fries, deep fried apple pie - no make that 2 and a diet coke. I'm watching my calories!



    ps - now I want pizza!

  7. I used to have a friend who'd eat a chocolate bar and while sipping on a diet coke. That always seemed odd to me. She said the diet coke cancelled out the chocolate! lol

  8. Maybe she was just looking for some onions to put on her pizza...

  9. I also think that's pretty bizarre. Why would you bring the pizza into the store? Don't you need your hands free to buy some things? Maybe she was delivering some lunch / dinner to her husband or son or daughter or wife. That would make sense.

  10. I love it when you hear people ordering the huuuuuuuuuugest meals and then they grab a diet coke! It's like their only doing it for the comedy value!!

  11. Hmmm. I only order diet coke. Not because I think it's a magic diet pill - it's just because I hate the taste of full fat coke.


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