Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Petty little things currently irritating me include:

***the fact my eyes water pretty much every day on the way to work, in a way that only seems to upset my eyeliner on my upper eyelid. In such a way that means that the flick extending past my eyelid is still there, the bit on my eyelid is still there . . . but the bit at the corner of my eye BEFORE the flick somehow vanishes. EVERY TIME. Frustrating AND it makes me look like I don't know how to do my eye make up properly. Hmmm. Maybe I don't....

***speaking of eyes, not being able to rub them in case of losing a contact INSIDE MY EYE. I had one missing for ten minutes the other day. I had eventually decided it couldn't actually be in there after all and must have fallen out, when it suddenly just reappeared. All I can conclude is that it decided to take a detour to visit my brain to work up how I ended up such a fuck-up! Because it sure as hell wasn't in my EYE all that time!

***spending hours of the past five days trying to ensure I had removed everything that had potentially got caught under my old bed in the past few years before my landlord swapped it for me today. Only to get home tonight to discover a little pile of stuff I'd missed. Including an empty condom wrapper. And a teenage romance novel. Cringe. (Not sure which of those was more embarrassing.)

***being slagged off in work for my desk being messy. Newsflash - I have a lot of work to do. I also am a messy person. If you want me to GET my work done, don't keep going on about me about my desk!!!! Especially when you're at my level professionally and not above me.

***Other people's stuff encroaching on my already crowded desk space. I NEED ROOM, GODDAMIT!!!

***Not being able to make up my mind. I have decidophobia at the best of times. Don't ask me if where I want to go for dinner, or what pub I want to go to, or when I want to meet . . . my brain can't cope with it. Heck, I can't even decide if I actually LIKE that guy from the other week, or whether I just need a distraction to keep my mind busy. What can I say, I'm a confused sorta person!!!

On the upside, I have a nice new bed, two days left of work, my Belfast trip next week . . . and a bottle of sparkling rose that I'm about to tip down my throat. So life isn't ALL bad. ;)

What's annoying you right now?


  1. the watery eye thing? I totally get that...incesantly!! I especially get it if I'm lying on one side!

    I'm also a procrastinator extraordinaire!! Trust me, I could out-undecide you any day!! haha.

  2. Meep - how can you lose a contact?! Not nice! And it really does beg the question of where did it go?!

    My contacts are annoying me at the moment. Very irritating to say that I only put in a fresh pair yesterday (they are monthly keep-in ones). Grrr!

    Enjoy your wine! :) x

  3. The constant tickle in my throat for the last week is annoying me. I had a sore throat that developed into a cold, which calmed down to just the sniffles and they're now gone...but i still have this irritating tickle!

  4. Petty things annoying me?

    Rain and cold. I know it's so obnoxious to whinge about it but I hate it and I have time off work and it's not even fun to go outside and I want to go to the beach, dammit!
    (feels good to get it out of my system)!

    My's always, "Where's this? Where's that? Can you come here for a second? HOW MUCH LONGER ARE YOU GOING TO BE DOING THAT? I can't do this by myself!! Waaa!"
    Love him SO much but his neediness when we're hanging about the house together is a little more annoying than endearing!

  5. Ugh. Please don't tell me stories about contacts getting lost in people's eyes. I have a serious eye phobia thing going on and the thought of someone losing a contact in there makes me want to close my eyes and scrunch my face up. Argh! It's so horrible!

  6. I'll tell you what's annoying me. Sex noises from next door. And this f*cking pigeon.

  7. Annoying? Right now?
    One of my best friend's throwing her life away for an asshole - moving to another country, still no job and not searching for one... And me not being able to make her open her eyes! It keeps me distracted the whole day at work!!!

  8. A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.

    my chair is annoying me.

    and my cats who won't make me breakfast or refill my cup of coffee

    but I suspect that isn't their fault.

  9. Work.

    Late Night Shoppers.

    Customers who don't read their emails properly (yes, the email IS your ticket!).

    Superdrug having my foundation but not my eyeliner.

    The other Superdrug having my eyeliner, but not my foundation.

    Neither Superdrug having the hairdye I want.

    Having to go through to Edinburgh on Saturday for work to do God knows what and pretend to the general public that I'm a normal person.
    I'm totally going to Google the nearest pub so I can swing by on my Lunch break.


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