Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I was walking into town after work to meet my sister for a drink or 20, when a guy from my work caught up with me. After I exhausted the etiquette of thanking him for inviting me to his wedding and congratulating him on a good old shindig, I kind of ran out of conversational juice. Give me a break. I'd been working hard all day, was gagging for a vino, and he wasn't making all that much of an effort.

Word to the wise. When there is a silence, when you don't make an effort to fill it, I will. And it will probably involve something weird that you don't need to know about.

Like my tights.

And how they were falling down within five minutes of me leaving the flat this morning.

And how the top of them rolled down and the rest of them wriggled down until I was terrified that the crotch of my tights was actually peaking out beneath the shorter-than-even-I-realised tea dress I was wearing.

And I was walking with my legs pushed tightly together in the hope that no one would notice.

And "did you know, there is NO attractive way to pull your tights back up???"

And how I was walking along the street, trying to look around to find a time that I COULD pull the tights up when there was no one else around, and then realising that I actually had WINDOWS On one side of me, and that there were offices contained on the other side of these windows and that in fact "just because there is glass between me and these other people doesn't mean they can't see me!!!"

Funnily enough, my colleague quickly made an excuse and walked up a random side street.

I'm not entirely sure I can blame him.

But word to the wise . . . if you're with me and there's an awkward silence? Please try and fill it . . . BEFORE I DO!!!!!


  1. Aww bless! I'm totally incapable of filling silence. I literally find myself saying "Sooo....how about them Dolphins?". I think that's why even though I'm kinda anti-social at times, when I'm out I prefer to be in groups of at least 3 cos then there's someone else to lay filling the silence on!

  2. hahahaha... I do the same.
    And specially when talking to people I barely know, something inside of me screams to tell some weird embarrassing story that it totally out of context and the other person shouldn't be knowing (specially when its your boss).

  3. I'm thinking you would be funny to have a little bit tipsy and talkative.


  4. OMG, I totally do the same thing!

    Either that or the other person will be trying to fill the awkward silence and I have nothing to offer to the conversation so it's even more awkward. I swear that I never really learned how to socialize. And now that I'm an adult, I think it affects me even more.

  5. Oh, yes, happens to me, too, sometimes :) I've learnt awkward silence is so much better :)

  6. I've never spoken to anyone about tights, admittedly...!

    Whenever I come across as conversational and interesting whenever there's an awkward silence... it's a fluke. Majority of the time I'll look for something and pretend I'm interested in it e.g. 'oh wow... horse racing on TV. Wow those jockeys are pretty tiny. Takes a lot of guts to wear pink satins as well - that's one guy who's comfortable with his sexuality.'


  7. I do exactly the same but usually end up talking about something highly inappropriate whilst laughing manically. When nervous I gibber and gibber and gibber!

    I have a tights problem this morning too. I must have picked up kids ones as I put them on this morning could barely get the past my knees but I needed tights to go with my tea dress (are we the same person?) so had to make do but on my dog walk this morning I thought there was no one about so lifted my dress right up and hitched them up as they were pulling my knickers down with them only to find a man coming down the lane behind me (wow that was a bit of an essay). I walked home the long way back to avoid him

    I don’t think it was quite what he was expecting to see this morning.

  8. haha classic!!
    I'm a bit like missH - I tend to say something and giggle - rather quite irratating I imagine!

  9. LOL! Your hilarious! I hate wearing tights becuz of that problem. It bothers me when they don't stay up, so I try to buy them a lil smaller so they stay up. Luckily the guy left! hehe. =)

  10. ha, i'm usually content to let the silence stay because i know it makes other people squirm, and that amuses me, sometimes. occasionally, i fill it with something sort of ridiculous as an "icebreaker."

    i'm surprised he didn't ask for more info about the tights thing. i bet he'd never thought about it a day in his life.


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