Thursday, 12 August 2010


Point out to me someone who is an obvious music snob, and you're showing me someone I kinda want to punch in the face.

I HATE people who judge me for my taste in music.

I like to say my taste in music is eclectic, but then most people who describe their taste in music in that sense then rhyme off music from every area of the music genre spectrum, from Mozart to Hardcore House (whatever the fuck THAT is - there is a chance I may have made it up though), without any artists I've even HEARD of in between. And I think "Um . . . maybe I don't REALLY have particularly eclectic taste after all."

MY so-called eclectic taste can be summed up fairly succinctly: most R&B, less hardcore hiphop, a lot of chart stuff, angsty shouty female singers, songs that featured in "Guitar Hero" . . . er . . . that's pretty much it.

I don't like people who judge me when they start talking about some music artist I've never heard of and I ask who it is, or what they sing. Am I meant to know ALL the music?????

And am I meant to LIKE it just because THEY think it's cool? Or because they look down on me for liking "Airplanes" by B.o.B or the latest Beyonce tune, am I meant to stop listening to the music I personally like? (Personally I think the fact that I ADMIT I like a Beyonce song despite not being able to stand HER most of the time is testament to the strength of my character. No???)

I'm proud to like the music I like. Most of the time anyway.

There's certain things I'm not COMPLETELY proud of.

Like, for example, I . . . (Oh my god, can't believe I'm admitting this, please don't hate me!) . . . I actually like some Nickelback tunes. I may find Chad Kroeger one of the most physically repellent forms of human, but I actually like his voice. I am convinced that if the hot guy in the band (well, he's hotter than the others anyway - I couldn't tell you what instrument he played though) had Chad's voice and was the singer, then Nickelback wouldn't be QUITE as derided as they are. Okay, so they ARE middle of the road . . . BUT EVERYONE HAS TO CROSS THE ROAD SOMETIMES.

I don't like The Beatles. Although sometimes other bands have covered their music and I've not minded their version QUITE as much. By the way, I won't judge you if you like The Beatles. But I WILL judge you if you judge me for not liking them. If that made sense... ;)

In the last year, I have watched such massive stars as Rihanna and Alicia Keys rock the SECC (Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, for those not in the know.) But my favourite gig there will always be my first - Linkin Park in 2003. (Yes, I didn't go to a gig until I was 23. I am THAT sad...)

(My favourite ever Linkin Park song, btw.)

Despite myself, I have started to love Paramore. Eek. This was not part of my plan. I did not WANT to become an emo. And I WON'T become one. (I PROMISE, Mich!) But I have downloaded quite a few of their songs to my MP3 player and listen to them rather a lot.

(My God, is the woman in this video a bitch. Although I find it amusing that after all the horrible things she did - I was most appalled by her cutting off that other woman's hair plait - she fell apart without her "chicken fillets" and make-up. Hmmm.)

I myself will only judge you if you buy Westlife singles or go to see them. Or scream when they appear on telly. In fact, if you scream when they appear on telly (and aren't 12), I'll be tempted to slap you. If you ARE 12, on the other hand . . . . WESTLIFE ARE IN THEIR THIRTIES!!!! OLD MAN COMPLEX OR WHAT???)

Care to share a music-related confession? Someone you like that you feel you shouldn't? Someone you DON'T Like that you're made to feel like you should? I'm listening . . .


  1. I'm a bit of a music snob. But only about bands themselves, not fans.

    But I'm a musician, a sound engineer and a music journalist, so I'm sure you understand.

    However, music is my thing, the way people have writing as theirs, or art, or baking, you get the point, I don't see why I should feel I have the right to be nasty to people who don't share my taste, I wholeheartedly don't believe that anybody has 'bad taste' in music, just different, and it affects people in all kinds of ways.

    Also, Nickelback are okay, his vocals are delicious and their songs are lyrically fantastic.

    Paramore are not emo, God I really hate that word haha, Paramore are pop-punk, and also really good, nothing better than a fiesty rock chick!

    Don't let people put you down for your taste in music, and if they start, point out that they have really bad shoes, grammar, they're wearing denim with denim, etc ;)

    Be proud of it, though! It's part of what makes you who you are :)

    I actually wrote a blog on this...


  2. I don't really give a rat's ass what other people like, I think you get over the snobbery (or should) when you're no longer 21 and thinking you're so hip. :) Nowadays I'm happy just to like what I like. I'm all about melodies. If it has no melody I hate it. Which is why I think a ton of dance music is a waste of time. And people like P. Diddy are talentless fools. I like a nice tune and sometimes good lyrics, but the song can be from anyone who can provide this although generally, I'm not at all interested in top 40 stuff. I don't care if you are. Hell everyone should like what they like and like it proudly.

    And I do like the Beatles.

    My current playlist is a mixture of old and older, well known and not so well known:

    Elvis Costello
    The Avett Brothers
    Gogol Bordello
    Shirley Bassey
    Barenaked Ladies
    Andy Williams
    Rilo Kiley
    Tony Orlando
    The Eels
    Ben Folds Five
    Blake Babies
    My Morning Jacket
    Music from "Lost"

    I don't care what anyone thinks of my tastes. :) I LIKE ANDY WILLIAMS, OK?

  3. First off - I.Love.Linkin.Park.
    Seriously - they're one of my favourite bands. I'd say my favourite song is still " Numb " and i reckon the mash-up they did with JayZ was awesome.
    Second of all - i kind of, used to be a music snob. I read "Rollingstone " during high school and just thought i was the shit cos i knew all the never-heard-of indie bands. Bah. I was an idiot.
    And if we'rr talking about getting being judged for our (eclectic ) musical tastes... i love country music. Garth Brooks. Tim McGraw. Carrie Underwood. People like that. So suck on that , music snobs!

  4. A long time ago, when I first got out of school, I used to work with a bunch of women who LOVED country music. I was the only one out of the group who didn't like it or listen to it. Everyone there told me I'd like it when I got older. Still can't stand it. Guess I'm not old enough yet. lol

    I've been judged on my musical tastes before. I remember once buying a certain cd and when I took it up to the register to pay for it, the guy behind the counter snorted at my selection.

    One of my friends and I have VERY different tastes in music. Once, someone made her a mix cd of various rock and pop songs. A Christina Agulera song came on and I laughed because it was the "clean" version of that Super Bitch song. And my friend had no clue the lyrics had been changed. Then some song came on with Eminem and some chick doing a duet. She thought it was Britney Spears and Em. I'm all, "Uh, you have no clue who Em is, do you? There's no way in hell he'd be doing any duet with Brit!" This is the same friend who thought that a Run DMC song was sung by the Rolling Stones. Yes, I judged!

  5. I can't stand music snobbery either! If I like the lyrics and/or the melody, I will listen again and again and will buy that song! My ipod is a real mix of the music I grew up with and some new stuff... Abba, Alanis Morrisette, Bee Gees, Collective Soul, loads of 80s, The Darkness, Guns n Roses, Razorlight, Muse, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Def Leppard...

  6. OK so I have to admit that I only judge those who like Nickelback ;)

    I don't necessarily have any favourite songs that are an embarrassment but every now and then I will catch myself in the car singing along to Miley Cyrus or jumping up and down with excitement in a nightclub when some dance song I usually hate comes on haha.

  7. I totally get what you mean. I have a very random taste in music and looooooove oldies. Like, am obsessed and almost always have my radio turned to the oldies station. (yes, I love The Beatles. I won't judge you though! :) )

  8. Rock on with yo' bad self!

    I hear variants of this allllllll the time, and it is ludicrous. Like every other thing out there, some people like it extremely (enter adjective)and some like it (enter the opposite adjective), but most people move around in the middle. That's cool.

    Obscure music <-- me --> Extremely Popular music.

    People who automatically judge are ridiculous in that they make naive assumptions instead of taking the time to ask somebody why they find a particular type of music or song so appealing.

    Anyway... I once wrote about this too... sort of. Here's a relevant excerpt:

    So the next time you are shocked by my “ignorance” of pop music [or any music for that matter], just know that the degree of annoyance I hold for your unabashed musical arrogance is directly related to the degree of outrage you express regarding my ignorance of pop music. People, stop hating.

  9. I'm a music enthusiast, not a snob.

    If someone hasn't heard of the band I'm talking about I'll lend them all the CDs and try and make the a fan.

    I'd never look down on someone for their music taste, everyone is different. I still have Backstreet Boys on my iPod...

  10. I love that you're like me! I have the most ridiculous taste in music and will literally listen to anything (apart from Ska, that sort of makes my ears bleed). Right now (like, literally right this minute) I'm reliving 2009 with Marmaduke Duke, Rubber Lover (YES! They're Scottish too!). I adore alsorts or music, I literally cannot function without some kind of music in my ears!

    Who cares what other people think, we're awesome!!

  11. I've learned no one likes the music I like all the time - I take heckling for some of it and others I hear "Wow, who are THEY?". I've had strange tastes in music since I was a kid - don't plan on changing it.

    I think musical taste is like fav foods... everyone likes something different. And that's a good thing.

    I mean, it's not like you're going door to door telling people what to listen to.


  12. I've never been to a gig.

    I'm 28.

  13. I really dont like the beatles either, i posted about it before but cant find it! they bore me with their nursery rhyme like lyrics and i mostly cant stand the buzz around them, there's way better music!

  14. I'm with you, P - My music taste is actually pretty horrid by conventional standards. However, I can find value in even stuff like Limp Bizkit, Ace of Base and the aforementioned Nickleback.

  15. Paramore opened for No Doubt and actually impressed me (not hard to do because I thought I hated them).

    I definitely have the musical taste of a 13 year old girl. And it is so fun.

  16. First of all, your blog seems pretty cool! I didn't like the first video you posted, but I liked the 2nd one. Maybe because I've heard it before? I like a lot of different music and tend to go for things I've heard before. My shameful obsession would be Miley Cyrus. LOVE her.


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