Friday, 6 August 2010


I've had some weird dreams in my time but the one I had on Wednesday night featured a cameo from Britney herself, and involved me getting into trouble with work AND not getting to eat delicious food.

All because Britney was a total bitch.

Basically I was on a work night out and it had been decided we were going to go to a posh new Italian restaurant in town. Not a real restaurant, mind, it was dreamed up (literally!) by yours truly. We had ordered food that sounded mouth-wateringly delicious (in fact, I woke up drooling - attractive image, right?) and were waiting for it to arrive, when Britney walked in.

No, I have no idea what she was doing in Glasgow either. Maybe she was on tour?

Anyway, one of my colleagues (who I don't know that well, but in my dream she was apparently one of my bezzies) decided it would be a fabulous idea to order a cocktail to be sent over to her table. Not just ANY cocktail - a cocktail in a pink wellington boot!

First of all, this was obviously the brainchild of my subconscious, not my colleague, but isn't it a strange one??? Serving cocktails in wellington boots? Apparently that is what this restaurant did. Wellington boots, stilettos . . . and so on.

(I really hope I don't have a latent foot fetish. Feet - EW!!!!)

Anyhoo, Ms Spears then proceeded to throw a total hissy fit about the whole thing. I have absolutely no idea why - I guess it might be the idea of having to drink out of a shoe, or maybe we chose the wrong cocktail for her. She started screaming like a banshee and throwing dishes about, and all the other customers and the waiters ran out of the restaurant in horror and the people from my work were all left just looking at each other, realising we weren't going to get any food, and wondering what the hell had happened.

We got into trouble for being involved in the whole incident, and I ended up back in my room at home eating crackers for dinner instead of the delicious Italian food.

The moral of the story: make sure you never buy Britney Spears a cocktail in a pink wellington boot in your dream. It's just not worth it . .

(Note to Britney: I'm sure you're not really like that in real life. Can we be friends please?)

Have you ever had a weird dream featuring a celebrity?


  1. You sure it was a dream?

    I did have a dream about david attenborough once...No drinking out of Wellies though, Just hanging out with Walruses (turns out the plural walrii)I did fall asleep in front of the TV. He was a nice chap...must be, turns out he is the man of my dreams :)

  2. Lol brilliantly random! Although wow, Britney must have been having a bad day.

    I had a sex dream once about Harry Potter.

    FYI - gettin' it on in the Great Hall of Hogwarts... excellent.


  3. A pink rubber boot... a cocktail in a pink wellington. Interesting.

    I think you need to write up your dreams, they'd be interesting! Really. I'm serious!

    I dreamt about the guy from Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Network once or twice.. Young Mel Gibson (think Lethal Weapon1 or 2 NOT now).. Peter Wingfield (YUMMY!!!). I may never be able to meet their eyes if I ever met them so I am hoping not to ever meet them!! But oh.. the dreams I've had.

    I wrote a few up on a website once, thankfully I think the site is now down.


  4. Oh, I've had mmmaaannnyyy odd dreams!!!

    I know I've dreamt about various celebrities before but the only one I can remember off the top of my head is Bret Michaels. Alls I remember is meeting him and snogging. Oh, and Brody Jenner! He was asking for my phone number because we were working on a charity project together and I didn't want to give it to him. Usually when I meet famous people in dreams, they're always so nice and kind. Unlike real life, I imagine, for at least some of them.

    I have another blog called "and then i couldn't breathe" that I sometimes contribute to. Well, it's not really my blog but I add to it. Anyways, it's a dream blog. It would be fun to have you join us! You should check it out sometime and if you decide you want to contribute, there's information on how to join on the home page.

  5. I had a dream once that i was playing soccer ( which i've never done ) and Christina Aguilera was the opposition goal keeper. In her " Dirrty " assless chaps.
    But hey, two nights ago i had a dream that this Australian rugby league player totally wanted me - but he is hot ( super hot ) so that was all good!

  6. Hahaha...that was so bitchy of Britney!
    I'm sure I must have dreamed with the BSB a thousand times when I was 12! lol...I don't recall dreaming with celebs lately though...

  7. Not really a celebrity, but I dreamt a guy was declaring his love to a seagull. Seriously - a fucking seagull. He did so at a bus stop too.

    Best thing was, that I deemed this ordinary.


  8. When I was in grade school, I had a dream that my first girlfriend was Jodie Sweetin from Full House. Maybe if she had fallen in love with me, she wouldn't have got addicted to crack.

  9. I think you should buy one of those dream interpretation books to figure this one out ;)


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