Monday, 12 July 2010


TV/FILM REMAKES: Are there seriously no original ideas anymore? Re-makes generally seem to take a show that wasn't all that great in the first place, and then just sex it up a bit, or add a bit more violence or something to make it SEEM more interesting. Ultimately, they still aren't that good. (Apart from "90210" - my guilty pleasure.)

PLAYSUITS: I mentioned these the other day. I don't get why they exist. "Ooooh, I look like a dress, but really I'm not," giggles the playsuit as it hangs in a shop, trying to attract passers-by. Paula approaches, looks it up and down: "That's a pretty dress," she says, picking it up, before she realises her mistake. "Hahahaha," sniggers the playsuit. "Fooled another one!" Grrr.

LIMITED EDITIONS: Nothing is more frustrating than when someone brings out a limited edition, you try it, love it and then . . . in a flash . . . it's no longer available to you. Why do companies do this to us??? We form an attachment to a product, grow to love it and then POOF! it's gone. Limited editions are like . . . most of my ex-boyfriends in that case, I guess. Except the limited edition product MIGHT come back at some point in the future . . .

JUSTIN BIEBER: Do I even have to justify this one? He looks and sounds like a ten year old girl (in fact, I'm sure one of my colleagues suggested he bears a startling resemblance to Hilary Swank - I think he had a point there. What do you think???). Why are girls attracted to him? Why do people keep buying his music? WHY DOES HE PROBABLY HAVE FAR MORE MONEY THAN ME IN THE BANK? Life just isn't fair.

"CELEBRITIES" WHO GET A BOOK PUBLISHED/FASHION LABEL/RECORD DEAL JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE "FAMOUS": I feel really sorry for the normal people who spend ages writing novels without success, or going and getting a fashion degree only to be rejected from all the big jobs, while a celebrity can just jump from one career to another. It just doesn't seem fair to me, especially when you get soap stars releasing rubbish cover tunes, or reality tv stars getting their own fashion label. Makes you wonder why everyone else bothers to try.

Is there anything YOU don't see the point of???


  1. Ugh. That last one drives me crazy too.

  2. I don't see the point in alcohol-free wine or beer.

    The majority of us aren't drinking it for the bloody taste!!

  3. iTunes - why does it HAVE to be so different than any other music player in the world?!?! It doesn't make me want to get an iPod it makes me want to stay away from the damn product as it's so hard to understand if you don't use apple/Mac products? You HAVE to have the music/movies in a different format for them to be used and the player is fussy to load and get used to!
    My daughter has an iPod and every time I have to load it or charge it there is swearing involved - just why?


  4. I'm beginning to think all the original ideas must have dried up in Hollywood because it seems like 3/4 of the movies coming out today are remakes of some kind! Ok, maybe that's exaggerating a bit, but still...

    I'm with you on celebrities getting fashion lines, record labels, etc. just because they're a star. Just because you can doesn't always mean you should!

    I gave you some bloggy loves, please stop by my blog to pick up your award!

  5. Lindsay Lohan.

    I say no more.

  6. I totally agree with soupemes. Put that girl in rehab or something! She needs help. ASAP.

    I happen to like Justin Bieber. Don't hate :) haha.

  7. always wondered about the "better, faster, etc. etc." products, especially in cases where they still sell the older, not as good, ones.

    i was thinking about movies yesterday - the lack of new ideas. but then i thought really what else is there - i mean in all the thousands and thousands of years hasn't everything been said? which led me to thinking what a miracle and a gift it is when we find something no one has ever said before. :)

  8. hahaha I love all of them! I don't know which one to agree more with!
    I hate celeb twitter accounts where all they do is tweet about their upcoming movies/books/music tracks. What is the point?! I was already getting that news from your website and E online and celeb magazines!

  9. sooo many things!

    tacky souped up ned-cars that make a racket, look a state, and whose drivers are not given asbos.

    photo-shopping/re-touching of it like it is!

    those big stupid giant bows they put on babies heads (mostly a USA thing I think)

    Also think playsuits are a horrible fad!

  10. The remakes really piss me off! I don't think they're necessary at all. It just makes the producers/directors look like they have too much time on their hands!

  11. I have to admit that I love Justin Bieber songs.


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