Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I have so many ideas for posts at the moment, but not the energy to actually WRITE them. And I don't want to waste a topic when I'm not feeling capable of doing it justice. Wow, listen to me, I sound like I am normally to blogging what Jackie Collins is to the sex-oozing bonkbuster. (Maybe I am. Kidding.)

So I'm going to cop out with a bullet points type post for now, and you'll get a better one in the next day or two. PROMISE!

***Miss Smidge came through to Glasgow and stayed with me on Saturday night. We had pizza and much wine, before heading into the city centre for some MORE wine, some shots and some dancing to cheesy eighties music in one of my favourite places, Reflex. I didn't fall over (woohoo!) but that's probably mainly to do with the fact I took my ballet pumps along and spent probably a total of 5 minutes in my heels. Apparently we then went to McDonalds (I only know this because I found a McDonalds bag in the kitchen on Sunday morning). I don't remember this, or getting home. I passed out on my sofa. Smidge said she couldn't believe I had done that. I couldn't believe it either. There's never usually SPACE on it for me to SIT on it, let alone pass out!

***Consumed several bottles of wine in Lakota with friends last night. So much for not drinking during the week...

***Are you voting for LiLu to be the first MTV TJ??? If you don't know about it, go here. If we vote for her and she wins, then we can be all friends with an MTV TJ and shit. And say things to her like "You've changed since you've got famous!" (I'm sure she won't really change.)

***So the 'Berry is gone and has been replaced . . . and I didn't sell out and go for the iPhone like I was threatening to. I went for the HTC Desire instead. Which I'm already liking very much and am currently perusing the Droid Marketplace to see what interesting apps I can load 'er up with.

***Anyhoosy, I decided I want to name my phone. Is that odd? Personally, I think it's odd that considering how enamoured I am with naming inanimate objects, that I have never named one of my phones in the past.



  1. Markko, I just love that name. It sounds mysterious and fun, all the things your phone should appear to be to others...

  2. I'm glad you replaced that phone, after licking it and shit. On that note, maybe you should call it Lukas? ;)

  3. It def needs a name. I personally prefer something latino - my laptop's called Lorenzo, since it's red and hot :)

  4. I like the sound of "Phoebe the Phone" :) Unless it's a boy phone of course then uh.... I don't know. Something obtuse. Like Carlos. Or Vladimir. I always said if I ever get a male cat I'm calling it Carlos. Something is hilarious about a cat called Carlos, I just haven't figured out what it is yet...

  5. I have noooo idea whats a good name for a phone, but i wanted to share that i dont think its weird to name it atall! i name pretty much all my gadgets lol. My phone is called Black Stacey, my laptop is Big Red, and my PSP is Pessoa (or Pessoa The Pale for its full name lol)

    hmmm how about desree?

  6. I've never thought of naming inanimate objects because maybe my imagination ain't that wild. But now thinking of it, I'm kinda getting warmed up to the idea. So let's see...a name for your phone...mmm...what about Vuvuzela? LMAO...kidding...kidding!

    What about Lady Buzz?

  7. I would totally name my cell phone if I had one. I named my car so why not a phone?!

    My mom thought I was totally weird for naming my fish.

  8. I miss getting drunk and passing out on sofas and forgotten trips to Macdonalds :(

  9. I named my ipod Juno. My car is Ludo. I haven't named my phone or my laptop...

  10. If you still can't remember you had a McChicken Sandwich...and then opened the last bottle of wine...

  11. My husband always names his phone. It is hilarious. And given that your phone has Desire in its title, I'm thinking you need something sassy, Like, Nikki or Chantal or Coco.

  12. You are The Amazing, lady.

    No, really. NO, REALLY!!!!!!


  13. I think I'd name it Lolita. :)

  14. Sebastian!! :D

    Sorry I didn't make it on Saturday, babe. No excuse, apart from being drunk and my bank accounts refusing to give me money. Bastards.

    I've never named a phone. I've named a memory stick before, though. I called him Pablo.

    And I did name my vibrator many moons ago, but considering that a friend now has the same name and it could be awkward I should really re-name it... lol


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