Thursday, 29 July 2010


I am in a strange mood today.

Okay, perhaps let's substitute "strange" for "lazy" and that would be a tad more accurate. Anyway, I'm too lazy to post. But I WANT to post, my brain just doesn't work. So I had an idea.

It's inspired by a few of the comments on yesterday's post about friends trying to matchmake you when you are single. (Yes, I find it a bit annoying too, luckily it doesn't happen to me too often!)

So let's play a game. Here's the rules:

If YOU could set me up on a date with anyone, who do you think would be my perfect match?

It can be someone you know in real life (if so, where have you been hiding them?), a celebrity, a fictional character, someone who isn't even alive anymore, someone single OR taken . . . remember it isn't real so anything goes here.

You don't even need to give a reason if you don't want to. THAT'S how nice I am. :)

(Oh and a PS here, it should be male. I'm aiming that mainly at Mich, knowing what she's like, hahaha! It may not be REAL, but it's at least got to be someone I might actually SHAG if they were around in real life. Which I wouldn't do with a woman. Sorry!)

Please play along! I'm dying to know!


  1. Luke Brandon from the Shopaholic Series.. :)

  2. If it were my choice a blind date with me whom I admit is a stranger but single would be a start! But never the end t. X

  3. I'm gonna go with ....Kelly Jones. Why? because i know you have a thing for him and if i knew him i'm pretty sure you might kill me if you didnt at least get an introduction...

  4. Well I would fix you up with me cuz you certainly are cute, but you live over 5000 miles away and I have more baggage than a Samsonite store. Not to mention Bridge Trolls got nothing me. Therefore, I am going to fix you up with Jason Statham …Virile....Manly….Hetero..and local…and he could kick your old boyfriend's ass!

  5. Umm, I don't know who Kelly Jones is but since you seem to have a thing for him (according to Amy xxoo), I'd set you up with him.

    Aren't I nice? lol

  6. I would suggest a giddy mix of Matt Smith eccentricity, with Lee Mack comedy. In a Ben Chaplin from Truth About Cats and Dog package.

    So maybe Jack Whitehall then.

  7. Hm, I don't know you super-well... But you come off as spunky and attractive to me. Therefore, I think you need someone like Zach Galifankis, but minus 50 pounds.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad my "Worst Gift Ever" story can bring a smile to people. It's always better when something horrible can be laughed at later.

    I'll be following your blog from now on, and hopefully you come check out mine every now and again!

  9. Oohh -- I'd set you up with the guy that keeps walking past you on the way to work. But ONLY if he's hot in the front, too. If he wasn't, I'd want to set you up with Russell Brand, because I think he'd be a hell of a lot of fun to be around. I know he's technically with Katy Perry...but we can probably work something out :)

  10. You clearly know me far too well.

    How about a nice wee combination of Kelly Jones (cute and musical), Viggo Mortensen (rugged as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings - and also a poet, photographer and painter in real life!) anndddd Paul Rudd, maybe? Cute and funny. Minus the beard, though.

  11. i dont know but you cant have Kelly Jones cos he is for me haha!

  12. So, what did you think of these matches? May we know? :)

  13. Ash - I sooo would.

    Anonymous - thanks. Hopefully you're hot. Or funny. Or something.

    Amy - thanks! Although my former flatmate would KILL me if I went out with him. Kill me DEAD.

    Kenny - weird as randomly me and my colleague were talking about one of my exes the other day and he said my ex used to compare himself to Jason Statham. I disagree, but that's a coincidence you say that!

    sprinkles - you are indeed nice. Thank you! :)

    steve - i watched The Hangover today and Zach made it for me. Plus he was in Tru Calling, which I ADORED. So i can see it. Although, like you say, he needs to lose some weight. I'm shallow, what can I say...

    Kim - your blog cracks me up. Love it. :)

    Heather - yup, although Russell is not really my type physically I find him HILARIOUS. He used to be an MTV VJ over here before he got proper famous and I ADORED him. That being said, I feel Katy Perry may be his soulmate.

    Mich - Paul Rudd . . . humdahahumdahahumdaha . . .

    Pammy - oh no you don't! I already get the "You can't have Kelly, he's mine" crap from one of my friends, you can't do it too!!!! Disallowed!!! :)

    Ash (again!) - there you go! especially for you. :) xxx

  14. Thanks Paula :) Among all the blogs on my blogroll, I read yours last cos I save the best for last :)


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