Saturday, 26 June 2010


(I haven't personally, by the way.)

Yesterday, as I walked to work, a girl overtook me and the first thing I noticed about her was that she was doing the whole "leggings as pants" thing. Despite the fact that pants actually mean KNICKERS over here as opposed to trousers, I do tend to use that phrase rather than "leggings as trousers" because it sounds far more fun.

So basically she had on a short top which stopped at her waist, and black leggings. Oh no. Oh NO.

To make matters worse, as she walked in front of me, I noticed there was actually a small HOLE in the ass of the leggings. Underneath she was either wearing flesh coloured knickers, or going commando.

But that's not all.

It took me a moment to realise she wasn't in fact wearing leggings. She was wearing TIGHTS (or pantyhose as some of you may prefer to call it.)

Soooo . . . she was wearing a short top, black tights and ballet pumps. And the tights had a whole in them, and she was possibly wearing no knickers.

At eight thirty in the morning.

Do you think she had just clean forgotten to put her skirt on that morning? Was it some sort of Lady GaGa experiment to see if anyone commented (er, excuse me, you appear to be missing any sort of bottom half apart from your tights, just thought it was only polite to let you know")? Or am I missing something here?

Is it just me that thinks the whole thing was just a bit WRONG?


  1. Haha this made me laugh. Trends are interesting. I wear leggings but with a mini skirt!!

  2. Wow...just wow!! My neices threatened to do the whole "leggings as bottom-half" thing but I slapped it outta them pretty sharpish! I did see a girl of about 13 dressed exactly like you described the other week though, cept her tights were that weird flowery pattern thats so in right now. It looked weird :S

  3. No no no! The rule for tights as leggings is that the shirt MUST cover your whole bum.'s just wrong!

  4. I sure hope it's not the new fashion trend.

  5. Ok, that girl's outfit is just wrong on so many levels!

  6. Oh god. Girls who wear stockings as pants are wasting valuable oxygen...sorry to be so harsh but we're talking about one of my pet hates here!!!

    Some people are just clueless! And the top MUST cover the bum. The whole thing!! And a girl must always check the sheerness of her leggings before she leaves the house!!! ALWAYS!!!

  7. The only time I have ever worn leggings as actual pants is when I am exercising, and I deem that to not count. You can wear whatever when you exercise.

    Otherwise, you HAVE to wear something over them! Tights are not pants, Girls!

  8. I think this is a hint. The universe is telling you to start writing chick lit novels because your anecdotes are amazing!

  9. I can't STAND when people wear leggings or stockings as literally drives me insane and the amount of visible panty line is enough to make me want to scream in horror.

    Please, a long top...something, anything will do to cover it up!!!

  10. Man I HATE it when girls do this!! Tights are NOT LEGGINGS.

  11. Maybe she lost her skirt the night before. That would be scandalous.

  12. That does sound like one hell of a Walk of Shame... guessing the guy she had been with was a tighty-whiteys kinda bloke, otherwise she could have pinched a pair of boxers and wore 'em as shorts.

  13. WTF?! What has the world come to?

    I've just about got used to people wearing just leggins with a long t-shirt, but anything that doesn't cover your bum = big no-no.

    Especially if that person's fat. Big girls, seriously, WEAR SOME PANTS(both British and the US - defined ones!)

    I've started feeling old now that I just no longer "get" today's fashion..


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