Tuesday, 22 June 2010


***Office furniture***
Does this sound like a strange thing to wind me up? Not when I spent my first day back (I'm feeling a lot better - thanks for all the nice comments on my last post) searching desperately for 206 quid worth of receipts for my expenses from London. After two hours of panicking, I finally pulled out my bottom desk drawer and discovered they had fallen down the back. Phew.

***The World Cup***
I hate football at the best of times. I let it away with it for a week because it;s such a big tournament and only happens every four years, but I'm BORED of it now. Especially since, after a few days of doing fairly well in our dept Predict The World Cup contest, it now appears to be going downhill for me again... :(

***All this crap about Andy Murray and the Queen . . .***
I know he said today (after he won his first match at Wimbledon - woohoo!) that him saying he hadn't decided whether to bow for the Queen on Thurs was a load of rubbish, but it annoys me it was even an issue, given how I feel about royalty and the monarchy or whatever the crap it is. I don't think it should have been made out to be the big deal it was in the first place!!!

***People who can't read, understand and FOLLOW fairly simple instructions***
It's causing me a lot of stress work-wise. If you don't understand, why not just ASK? That's what I do - and okay, sometimes I feel stupid doing it, but it makes life easier for EVERYONE in the long run. That's maybe just MY opinion though. But at least it means I get things right.

***Not being able to lose weight.***
Why is it so much easier to put ON weight than get rid of it? Why is healthy food so crap? Why is exercise so boring? I NEED LIPOSUCTION IMMEDIATELY!!!

***People who induce my pavement rage***
Before you start jumping about the street like some sort of maniac on acid, here's a helpful hint: check who's behind you? (Reason why? One day, I may snap and kill you. In fact, it's more like a certainty.)

***Men. Just in general.***And, more specifically, why I can't occasionally meet one who is actually a viable prospect. Why is there always a catch, even with a mere crush?

Do you agree with any of these? Want to share any of your own? Please go ahead . . . :)


  1. You could always move Mr. Murry to become a US citizen. Then official protocol for a king or queen is a simple head nod - no bowing involved at home or away.

    Which makes me wonder what Serena Williams is supposed to be practicing when it is said she is practicing the "traditional greeting"

    Probably not "Hey Queenie!" and a wave. {*grin*]

  2. I totally get the office furniture thing but for a totally different reason. I always seemed to get the short end of the stick as far as office furniture goes. "A crappy chair that's broken? A dinky computer with a tiny screen? A stapler that doesn't work? Those all go to Sprinkles!"

    I used to have roomies too. One girl just showed up and never left. I'm not really sure she even paid rent. I liked her so I didn't mind that she lived there except that the place was already really cramped with the four others living there. It was awful because everybody backstabbed and stole from each other. I was so excited to get away from there! And now I have my own little house with just me and my two little dogs!

    Yesterday I hardly ate anything at all and went to bed hungry. Stepped on the scale this morning and actually GAINED weight. WTF? How does that happen???

  3. I think you've found my lost anger.

    I've temporarily reverted back to the '1st reaction: feel like shit' attitude as opposed to my usual 'get mad, then maybe feel a bit bad later'.

    World Cup I don't really mind. I'm rooting for Mexico because I like the food. Most especially the tequila.

    Glad you found your expenses receipts though :)

    *hugs* flat sounds a bit sucky now though :( xXx

  4. Scratch the first part of my previous comment. I've found part of my anger.

    *refrains from breaking objects or someone's limbs / digits*

    Wow, it's as if somehow I KNEW I would need a relaxing Radox bath and some cigs. Alas, no booze. Damn.

    Hopefully my rediscovered anger has meant that yours has diminished :) x

  5. I think a smile and a handshake should be enough for the Queen really.

    Also, you look like you have no weight to lose, you tiny, tiny girl. Pfft!

  6. Agree on the noise. Blech!

  7. The pavement one is good, I had this yesterday with people who were just meandering along without a care in the world - you can't just stop in the middle of a pavement!!

    I would like to add Brake Happy Bus Drivers to the list because the one this morning kept slamming on the brakes and it was jolting my very bad back and making me want to scream a little bit.

    The flat thing sounds awful - how can you not have met the people you're living with!? Craziness!

  8. Just mentioning very uickly that I love football is all for royalty and I can't gain weight..

    BUT.. I am put off by strange roomates and bored by other sports and hate people who make my work more shit then it already is.. SOO..

    I feel for ya and hope that your next few days will be less bad/boring :)

    Btw - with men, there is ALWAYS a catch.. just gotta find out what once you can live with and what once you can't :)

  9. I totally agree with the one about men. Why can't they be normal enough to be decent companions?!

  10. Right now I'm upset that my phone has a preset snooze on the alarm that only lasts 9 minutes.

  11. i didnt know anything about Andy Murray until i read your wee bit here, i will look it up, but i get the gist i think, and as i dont agree with the monarchy i think id be reluctant to "bow" to any of them.. what makes them any more important that anyone else right? grr gets my goat!

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