Saturday, 19 June 2010


  • SINGING - I'm far from tone deaf and can sing in tune, for sure. Problem is, I do not have a particularly pretty singing voice. Which makes me very sad.

  • FOLLOWING CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE MOVES - I can' remember how long I spent trying to follow the dance steps from the scene in "Save The Last Dance" when Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas get down to "U Can Do It" by Ice Cube. Many many hours of my life were lost. Then I tried to do it along with my friend C in Yang one night, and fell over. Also forget dance related exercise videos and Zumba, because there is no way I'm going to keep up.

  • COMPLETING WORD VERIFICATIONS ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT - Seriously, does anyone else have this problem? It sometimes takes me three or four attempts to get one right, and I can never understand where I went wrong . . .

  • ACCENTS - I cannot do accents for shit. Basically every one I try, no matter where in the world the accent originates from, it comes out sounding vaguely Indian. Unless I try to do an INDIAN accent, which comes out sounding like . . . I have no idea, it is actually indescribable. I once had to pretend to be American on the phone (long story which I will one day get around to telling) and the accent that came out of me was HORRENDOUS. The worst bit was though that I had to keep up this awful accent for the entire phone call. I'm sure my accent was American by way of an around-the-world trip first. With a particularly long stopover in India, of course.

  • CRYING ON DEMAND - along with my inability to do accents, this is another thing which will stop me from ever becoming an actress (as well as my inability to be able to ACT and lack of self confidence, obviously!). Also, it is really handy for emotional blackmail if you can cry on demand (moi? Emotional blackmailer? Of course not.) Unfortunately, the times I cry always coincide with the times I really don't want to. So maybe I also wish I had the talent for holding back tears at unfortunate times . . .

  • RESISTING TEMPTATION - if I had that talent, I could stop drinking alcohol and eating junk with no bother whatsoever.

  • DATING - I am too awkward and uncomfortable on dates, which stops me really from putting myself out there. Which I don't really mind apart from the fact that dating stories make good blog fodder. So I am really only doing my BLOG a disservice with my lack of this talent. (My lack of a sex life apparently comes second to my blog. Hmmm.)

  • FILTERING INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS *BEFORE* I SAY THEM OUT LOUD - Does this REALLY require an explanation? I guess in my case, this is less a "talent" and more a "necessity" . . .

What do you wish you had a talent for?


  1. I wish I had a talent for .. anything! I'm very much so lacking in this :-( It makes me sad too!! So don't worry, I'm right there with you!

  2. Wow, these are all so marketable. I'd love to be able to just dance in general.

  3. Your thing about accents reminded me of getting drunk and trying to imitate my Welsh friend and how I always used to sound Pakistani. :)

  4. I wish I could sing and dance too! :(

  5. I never get the word verification right either - I think they probably just fail you at random moments to mess with your mind.

    I could use help with the initial pick up line - I'm like you, except without a vagina or breasts and with a penis and the ability to grow facial hair (or at least lets hope that you don't possess either one of those) I think I'm a little too dorky for my own good when it comes to picking up the ladies, so it's always awkward.

  6. I'm with OG on this one. I think they fail you at the word verifications just because they can. Because I look at the "word" and it's very clearly "7krst" and so I type in "7krst" and they're like "enh, sorry, you lose!" It's understandable when they throw a u/v in because is it a "u" or "v" but really...I don't know why I'm so bad at those haha!

  7. If I turn up the radio really loud and sing along, I think I sound really great! lol I have a friend who thinks she's a wonderful singer. Um, well...I have to disagree with her. I never told her that though.

    I was on a dance team in high school and literally, I was the absolute WORST one out of a group of about 50 girls. I have noooooooo coordination! Shockingly, almost no one ever made me feel bad about it or the fact that I didn't really try once I realized that I couldn't do it.

    Girl, I am soooo with you on the word verifications! I thought it was just me! One time, I went to some blog for the first time and left a long comment and did the verif wrong and it totally deleted my comment so I had to start all over again! I was pissed!

    I've found myself in need of a filter before saying inappropriate things one too many times!

    You should totally try smore's. They are the bomb! (Does anyone really say "the bomb" anymore? I don't know. But smore's really ARE the bomb!)

  8. Hahaha, this post is cute! I wish I could hear you try an American accent! lol! It's so weird to think of myself having an accent! I cannot do accents either. They sound retarded when I try, but I pick up accents really easily! I just spent two days with my good friend that lives in Scotland now and found myself starting to talk like her! Haha!

  9. Hahaha, I do the Indian thing with accents too - so does my dad. It's just some weird thing that happens!

    I wish I was talented at singing and guitar. I managed to fool some people in my day but it came from trying stupidly hard because I'm not a natural...I wish I was!! I'd be famous by now! :P

    I also wish I was awesome at drawing and painting. I sometimes get great ideas and I just cannot make them the way I see them in my head. Dammit!

  10. I wish I could know how to dance, man I worst than a robot.

  11. I'd love to be able to dance WHILE singing.

  12. word verifications SUCK!!! Youre looking at something that looks like a garbled "i" but it coud be an l... but then again it could be a j... and next thing u know, its really a Q..... wtf? i'd kill to be able to sing or dance.. my mother is blessed with a good voice and a passion for dance. me, i have my fathers two left feet...

  13. word verification is the devilllll...i wish i had the talent for convincing every one of the lovely blogs I read to TURN IT OFF because it deters me from wanting to comment!


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