Thursday, 10 June 2010


So I've always kind of prided myself on not being one to succumb to peer pressure, or follow the herd. While I'm by no means ALTERNATIVE or anything like that, I like to do things my own way. Which is one of the reasons why I've always bucked everything Apple-related.

I've never used a MacBook. When everyone else was jumping on the iPod wagon, I tried every other brand I could try of mp3 player instead, and am now on my second Sony Walkman. Which I love.

And we all know that it was only September last year where I was denouncing the iPhone as something I would never ever be seen dead with.

But now . . . I am starting to consider it.

I can hardly believe I am saying this but Apple is starting to wear me down.

I'm due a phone upgrade in about a month and today I admitted to myself that I am seriously considering going for an iPhone.

WHAT THE FUCK??? This is not me!!! I don't give in to this sort of pressure.

But I'm thinking about it.

First of all, there was the fact that some of my favourite coolest bloggers have one. Like Smidge. And Helen. Grr grr GRRR. In Edinburgh, it seemed such a handy thing. Smidge could find out when the next bus was due with the touch of a button. Never mind the fact I don't even USE buses, it seemed so cool.

Then there's my colleague (three out of six of my team-members have iPhones, by the way, which somehow repels AND attracts me further to the Dark Side all at once) who has the most awesome shell covers for his phone, in fabulous colours such as bright purple and this FABULOUS, I-want-it-so-much-I-could-DIE greeny-blue one. I used to have a nokia 82-10 which I could change the covers on. (I lost it the night I snogged the 18 year old I mentioned two posts ago). I LOVED being able to make my phone look different.

If I had an iPhone I could DO this. I could have a phone that changed colour, personality every day . . . but remained the same all at once!!!

Oh and my sister has a protective cover on hers which also doubles as a mirror. Which would be very handy for those moments when my eye-make-up decides to make a break for it. It could single-handedly help me prevent the accidental-Alice-Cooper-impersonation. Which can only be a good thing. Right?

But it was when I realised a couple of my colleagues were playing some Scrabble-type game with each other that I couldn't play BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE AN IPHONE . . . that was the final straw. As I wailed to my colleague today . . . "It's not fair! If I had an iPhone, I could play scrabble with you too!" He looked a bit taken aback and told me not to worry, he would play scrabble with me on Facebook if I wanted. "It's not the same," I pouted.

For the record, I don't think I even LIKE Scrabble that much. It's just the principle of the matter.

Not having an iPhone is making me feel left out. :(

I don't want to be uncool anymore.

I love my little pink Blackberry, I really do. And I had thought that we would be happy together forever. I've even saw a lovely dark purple model I could probably upgrade to. (And of all the colours of phones available in the world, a purple phone is always the colour I have wanted most. Honest.) But . . . lately I'm starting to make eyes elsewhere.

I posted on twitter about it earlier, asking for advice, for a phone that is LIKE an iPhone but not one, and now I'm even more confused. Palm Pre, HTC Evo, Desire, Hero, Droid . . . I liked the Dell Streak but have been informed that it is not really a phone?

Then there's the pretty phones that I'm not sure what they do but they look good. Like the aforementioned Purple BlackBerry. Or the phone that has a white quilted back. Or the pink one that looks like a jewel.

No matter what I choose of them though, I feel like I may regret just going against everything I believe in, succumbing to the pressure and buying the damn iPhone.

Even if I DO hate myself forever for doing so.

Apple? You have a lot to bloody answer for, I can tell you!


  1. me too me too me too I want one

  2. I still maintain I'd never get an iPhone. I don't really want all my media and my phone on one gadget. I like my phone for well...phoning and nothing else. I don't want an mp3 player on there or web access because seriously, I have a computer for that nonsense and I like to be free from it when I'm not at home.

    However, I do have an iTouch which is the iphone without the phone and it IS fun. Oddly enough they (iphones and ipod touches) are sort of old hat now and there are funkier phones around nowadays but they're still the standard everyone goes by. :)

    My iTouch let's me check email and the web if I want and store my photos and all my music and play with the apps, so I don't need the phone. I do need a wireless connection though.

    By the way, if you get an iPhone, get the 'flight control' app. It's my fave. I've had that thing since I got my ipod a couple of years ago and it's the only app I still love to death. Landing planes? Yes please.

  3. I soooo get this. I refused to get an iPhone just because I wanted to be able to say that I DON'T have an iPhone. But it looked so clever that I went and got the Nokia version instead. But it's NOT an iPhone!
    I am hearin' ya.
    Head over to Deep Fried Fruit to get your Blogger Award.
    Happy Friday!

  4. I don't have a cell phone. When I tell people that, they look at me like I have 3 heads or something. But I figure NO ONE calls me at home so why waste money on a cell phone that never rings? Plus, I've learned that if I really need to talk to someone, I can wait until I get to where ever I'm going and call from there. In an emergency, someone else will always have a cell phone to make that all important call for me.

    But...I really, really, really want to get an IPhone. I don't know why. But since I can't get a job, I doubt I could get one anyways so for the time being, I will just live vicariously through you should you decide to get one.

  5. I'm closing in on kind of joking around about getting an iPhone too, and I feel so cheap. But, I had an iPod that I finally GAVE AWAY and replaced with a small, cheap easy USB-connected Walkman. It's pink and I LOVE IT, and no fuss with the devils program: Itunes.

    God. I hate Itunes. But the iphone is drawing me in.. DAMNIT!

  6. I felt the same way about the Mac. I would NEVER get one and would always be a PC girl.

    Ya.... a couple months after getting my Mac I can surely say I'll NEVER go back to a PC!

    I will be switching from my beloved blackberry to the iPhone as soon as my contract allows it!

  7. I've always wanted an iPhone! Right now I have a Blackberry and it's fine, but I've always thought an iPhone would be more fun! :)

  8. Yeeeesssssss! Get one! I can't imagine being without mine now. Plus I'll play scrabble with you! x

  9. ah and there was you singing the priases of your blackberry a few months ago to me when I was pondering the same. You traitor!! :)

  10. iPhone's definitely have the "cool" factor, which is a total turn off. BUT - they are just so handy. I got mine last year and I love it. I couldn't live without it.

  11. Ha ha ha!!

    JOIN US... (zombie voice)


  12. if you do get an iPhone, remember that 'gadgetology' would get a great score in Scrabble :)


  13. I am the same way about all things Mac and Apple. The only thing I've succumbed to is iTunes and the accompanying iPod.

    I love my Blackberry. Get the purple Blackberry! I suppose it's great for me because my whole immediate family and five close friends all have a blackberry. That makes certain features, like BBM super cool for us. Get the purple Blackberry!

  14. The iPhone seems pretty cool, but I haven't really played with it that much. I've played with the Droid, and it seriously does EVERYTHING you could ever need. Ridiculous. It's pretty awesome, but it's really bulky.

    Anyways :) I don't really use Mac stuff either, except my iPod.

  15. Why pidgeon hole yourself? Never say never. There's a reason a lot of folks have them. They make it really easy to check email, text, and get online. And yes, I have one as of 2 months ago, and will never be w/o one again :)

  16. I think the technology is just too much for me. I need buttons so I can text and drive.

  17. I hear you so loud and clear. I don't want to be a sheep! I do love my blackberry - I really do! I also have an iPod touch though and I love that too...So really I just carry around 2 gadgets with me everywhere I go and it would make much more sense to just suck it up and get the iPhone.


  18. I love my blackberry to pieces! However the BF has an iphone and yup he has Scrabble too and he loves it! But I am a blackberry girl. My boss just got the HTC and damn is that thing awesome! Knocks the iphone out of the park. BUT I still love my BB =D Good Luck with whatever you choose!


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