Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I'm just back from three days in London for work, and I'm feeling a bit drained, and dreading the remaining two days back in the office. I LOVE going down to London for work (don't get to do it often enough, sadly) and the only thing that does my head in about it is the last day of having to work then head straight for the airport. I've been up since seven am when I had to somehow get dressed and finish packing in approximately half an hour.

The packing was a nightmare in itself. I zipped up my case, locked it and then decided I'd better check the five million drawers in my hotel room just in case. Thank goodness, because I'd nearly left without two of my favourite skirts! I then hustled to find my padlock keys, unlock the case and put the skirts in. Five seconds after locking my case again, I realised I'd left out my pyjama top. I was so incensed at my own stupidity that the pyjama top was thrown in the bin. I was NOT going back into that case again until I got home.

Stupid packing. :(

Anyway, I had a great time. Work was fast-paced and lasted from eight til at least three, with little chance of a lunch break but our leisure time was our own. It was peppered with some yummy meals, a couple of drinks in pubs watching the World Cup (normally I'm not into football but its hard to not get involved in the atmosphere, especially last night's Brazil game watched in an O'Neills in Muswell Hill - also I have a vested interest as I'm taking part in one of those Predict The World Cup games. Which I'm losing . . . drastically.) AND most excitingly of all, I got to spend a few hours yesterday with one of my favourite bloggers, Angela from Angelaboration. who just so happened to be in the UK.

I was a bit nervous about that (especially because me, the girl who is in possession of No Sense of Direction had to not only find her way to the tube station but then navigate it alone!) but she was absolutely lovely and showed me around Camden, which was pretty awesome. Even though I stayed there when I was down last year, I didn't get to see very much so it was nice to see it from the perspective of someone who was ALSO not from the area but knew more of it than I did! I also encouraged her to spend money on a pretty dress (what? I am broke; I have to shop vicariously through others!) in the market. Speaking of which, why are market clothes the same price as high street shops? I know you're meant to haggle and all (which Angela managed admirably, albeit in a slightly non-haggly way) but I could buy a dress in Top Shop for the same price as a dress in Camden Market. Heck, I could buy at least FOUR dresses if I braved Primark.

Anyhoo, we headed home via Heathrow today (we came down via Gatwick - I am gradually "collecting" all the airports in London - I now have Heathrow, Gatwick and the far smaller City under my belt) and Terminal Five was our place of departure. It was amazing. That being said, I wasn't impressed by the behaviour of some of the staff - I realise airport security is a serious job, but the way one of the security guys dealt with the two gentlemen in front of us as we unloaded our stuff to be scanned was horrendous. The guys clearly couldn't speak English very well and weren't sure what they were meant to be putting through the machine, and he was HORRIBLE to them. I know there's a queue and they're holding up the line, but he was just unnecessarily mean, made them flustered and as a result confused them more. Stupid twat.

On the other hand, the woman who scanned my boarding pass as I made my way onto the flight who whispered to me "I LOVE your dress" made my day.

Heathrow, you need more staff like that. We all like a compliment with our flight.

And a complimentary glass of wine. (Thanks British Airways!!!)

So what have I missed?


  1. I wanna see the dress :P

  2. So glad I got to hang out with you. :) Phil loved the dress. Unfortunately, the seam in the strap has already come unstitched... Oh well. I think I can fix it. And I suppose that's the risk you take with markets.

    Much love!


  3. I hate mean airport people. I always want to suggest they go run in front of the nearest truck but what's the point when they can stop you getting on the damn plane? Pah!

    I too want to see the dress.

    The dress, please!

  4. I love when you get unexpected compliments like that. Sometimes I tell people at the bus stop their hair looks great or their skirt is really nice. It's nice (even if a bit weird) to brighten people's day!

    Also, I want to see the dress!

  5. I seriously think you must be my long lost twin! (Who is younger, prettier and thinner than me.)

    I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag, I swear! I have NO sense of direction. I often tell myself that if my gut tells me to go one way, I should immediately turn the other way because my instincts for directions are totally off.

    I've been known to shop vicariously through other too.

    Those airport people have an inflated sense of ego because they know you don't have a lot of choice at that point but to continue with your trip. I hate people in a position of power who abuse it like that.


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