Monday, 28 June 2010


Remember how I said the other day I was sick of the World Cup? Well, I'm getting more sick of it now, even though there are less matches per day now and slightly less talk of it. Football (or soccer!) may be a novelty to some people, but I live in Glasgow and are therefore caught up in the middle of all that Celtic/Rangers crap the rest of the year (included in my Guide To Scottishness Part 2, if you missed that) , so I'm really not so enthused about it.

There are various reasons for not particularly caring about the World Cup:

1) I don't understand football. (Although Kirsty has put together a handy guide to help you LOOK like you know your stuff - check it out here!)
2. The footballers run about too fast for me to eye them up - which, let's face it, would be the main attraction of football to me. Apparently, I've been told, the trick is to check them out while the National Anthem is playing. I keep forgetting to do that. Oh well.
3. Scotland are not particularly great at football (sorry to be disloyal, but the fact they aren't in the World Cup is pretty strong evidence of that. Then again, we ARE a fairly small country and aren't known for being a particularly healthy one at that, so there you go.) For more information on that, this post by The Vegetable Assassin makes it all pretty clear.

On the upside, I am doing REMARKABLY well in the work's Predict The World Cup game. In the space of a few days, I have gone from being 11th out of 12th . . . to 4th!!! I'm the only girl in it, and I know NOTHING about football. Girl power or what??? :P

(I doubt I'll be that far up the rankings for long.)

AND I've made a little bit of money on betting on the matches. Small change really . . . I'm not a big gambler (it's another thing I don't really understand) but a couple of quid here and there, and I won 12 quid from a 1 pound bet on the Mexico-Argentina game yesterday. Go me!

So I suppose even though I am bored to tears with it, at least I'm benefitting from it financially . . .

But seriously, I will be glad when it's over. At least then, all the speculation about what country is going to win will be over BECAUSE WE WILL KNOW THE ANSWER BECAUSE IT'S ALL FINISHED FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS. YAY!

Thank God for tennis and Wimbledon at least. That's where I get my fix of men running around in little shorts . . . Yum.

Are you remotely interested in the World Cup or would you rather it just disappeared off the planet too?


  1. God I'd sooner watch football than Wimbledon... could never get into tennis.

    And next time you're betting on a team to win, tell me so I can go to the bookies and put on a bet as well! :P x

  2. I don't particularly care for soccer/football or tennis but I must say they're both better than watching golf on tv!

  3. Oh no! Not interested in tennis at all. I switched off that really really long match out of frustration! I'm LOVING the footie. So many hot teams still there - those South Americans/Latins!

    And thanks for the link! Looking forward to seeing you xx

  4. I don't understand soccer that much but with everyone watching it now, I always end up watching it too :(

    I love when Portugal plays though. I'm a hardcore C.Ronaldo fan.

  5. I don't care about football either! However, I'll be happy if Brazil wins! Ha!

  6. SO sick of it! lol Not really into watching sports on tv at all. They're fun live but on tv... would rather watch a good movie.

  7. I only like sports when I'm winning money. I'm so sick of sports from hearing it all the time at my job so I hear ya! I wish it wasn't everything!! The World Cup is thankfully almost over!!!

  8. I'm not overly fussed about the football. I'll watch it and feel a bit excited when it's on but when we lost I didn't want to kill myself or anything, it was more a case of "Oh well, what's on the other side?"

    I freakin' LOVE tennis though. I can get so overly excited about that. I don't even care who wins, I just love a good game. Very upset about Roddick being knocked out, I love him a little bit, even if he has googly eyes.

  9. I stopped caring when Australia lost.
    Plus Wimbledon is on, and I have a box set of How I Met Your Mother that won't watch itself.

    Although, compared to the world cup.. I'd probably rather dye my eyebrows or something.

  10. Like most Americans I only care about soccer up to the point where the US exits the tournament...and even while I'm cheering for the US I don't understand the sport.

    I stick to the American verson of football.

    This is why no other countries like us.

  11. I kind of wish it would go...sorry! I'm not prejudiced against soccer/football. I hate ALL sports. And anything that involves balls flying at my nose (points for the ref!).

  12. I'm really not a fan of football or tennis...I'd rather watch rugby or cricket any day! I can't help getting a bit sucked into the World Cup drama when it's on, but now that England are out, I reckon the enthusiasm will fizzle around me :-)

  13. Hahaha, love it! I SO hope you win your World Cup pool!!!

  14. I'm not so much into soccer as I enjoy watching the players lay in the grass and cry after they get bumped by another player. I realize American football involves padding and the boys are typically thicker...but geez are the soccer players a little pansy-ish. (sorry) Basically what I'm saying is I wouldn't be hurt if it vanished.

    Tennis on the other hand? LOVE IT!!!

    Good luck with your bets!


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