Thursday, 24 June 2010


When I was down in London and heading back from meeting Angela in Camden, I got on a crowded subway train. So crowded that I was fairly convinced a guy kept pressing his hard-on into my back. Everytime I moved, it prodded me again. But that's irrelevant to this story really.

The crowd started to disintegrate about one stop away from East Finchley and that's when I saw The Hot Boy.

Yup, he was that hot that he deserves extra capital letters in his title.

He was across the carriage from me so, bored, I watched him. From the moment I saw him, I forgot about the possible erection in my back (in fact, I neglected to notice if the guy behind me was even still THERE), I just eyed him up instead for the couple of minutes it took to get to my stop.


Cosmic moment? I was somehow in front of him as I left the station, but within approximately ten seconds of getting outside, he'd managed to slip past me and disappear up a side street. Sadly, not being from the area (in fact, it was a miracle I'd even managed to find the tube station in the first place), I lost him pretty damn quickly.

Our relationship was over before it even started.

Le sigh.

And that's why I wish I was a better stalker. Because I could have followed him home and broken in and done dirty things to him while he slept . . .

Um, sorry, I got carried away there.

But it would be so romantic wouldn't it? Not the stalking part, but the idea of eyes meeting on a crowded train, a whirlwind fling (well, it would have had to have been, I was going back to Glasgow the following day) . . . perhaps he would have chased me at the airport to try and stop me from going home even.

I like to make up scenarios in my head. Can you tell?

Like the whole stalker thing. Which is completely made up. Honest . . .

It would be nice to have that kind of story, wouldn't it? When your friends ask how you met, to be able to have this brilliant tale to spin them.

When I think of the stories I could have had about how I got together with guys in the past, none of them are particularly brilliant. A lot begin "we worked together and . . ." There's another that "began with an email flirtation where we jokingly talked about getting each other naked . . . and next thing we were", there's the cliched "I fell for my best male friend" and then the F scenario - "got drunk on Facebook, started talking to a guy i fancied in high school FOR EIGHT HOURS and it turned out he'd liked me too, and then he asked me out."

I think that one was my favourite.

Maybe that WAS my big romantic "how we got together" story. Maybe nothing can top that one.

In the meantime, I'll just keep wishing I was a better stalker . . .

What's YOUR most romantic/funny/ridiculous/surreal "How we got together" story?


  1. I don't have one....well, I did meet hubby online and only reason I agreed to date him was because he put in profile that we had same birthday. I thought how cool to date a guy with the same birthday. I said yes.

    He can't type well. He's born the day after, but he asked permission to kiss me at the end of our first date. That hooked me. Well, that and the fact he is a great kisser.

  2. Mine is a bit long, but I wrote about it here.

    Goes to show how sometimes you have to be persistent. She and I have now been together for 40 years, married for 35 come this September. Persistence pays.

  3. bummer! i make up stories in my head all the time. i think 95% of the time the stories in my head are better than real life hehe.

  4. To be a good stalker you need a camera with a zoom lens, a gps unit and good running shoes.

    Not really a good story but I was talking with this guy from online and we had planned to meet. The night before valentine's we were talking and I joked about him not getting arrested so I wouldn't meet him at work. He said he flew under the radar. Valentine's day arrives. I get to work. Guess who was in jail and who I had to deal with? Mr I fly under the radar. Hahaha

  5. My imagination runs wild too! My favorite get-together story would be "We found each other in the chat room and exchanged numbers and started talking to each other everyday and then we met...". But it didn't last long. I had a good time though! ;p

  6. Hi, I'm a recent follower of your blog and I think you're hysterical!

    I met my BF at a club through a mutual friend. My every intention was to just use him for a couple of free meals and then kick him to the curb....that was 8 years ago :)

  7. Wish I had a good story but I really don't.

  8. How I met my ex's:

    In a chatroom on a band website... guy was in a band my flatmate at the time managed... online... online... college (well it was after college and only for a month, so doesn't quite count)... and online (intended as a one night stand that sort of carried on for a while).

    I really hope the next one isn't online as well, I'm beginning to look a bit sad... lol :P

    I heart your nearly-love story though! Best not to try stalking in a city you're unfamiliar with, anyways babe x

  9. As for the icky tale in your first paragraph... that is a problem my friend who lives in London has had several times. WITH THE SAME GUY! EWW!

  10. haha this post made me laugh very hard !!!
    I tryed stalking my guy friend once.. he noticed pretty soon though.. that was a hard situation to talk myself out of !!

    care to follow me back ?

    alice h

  11. Actually, this is one of the things that I've always been lucky with- most of my starts have been romantic... from the guy who offered me a lollipop in exchange for a kiss on the cheek (and then caught my lips), to the guy that pretended to be my boyfriend so my ex wouldn't hit to me, to the old friend I kissed on the rooftop of an abandoned building... If only we could always live in the beginning, huh?

  12. I met a girl in college and she was telling me she needed a job. One day she told she found one, she decided to be the pimp of her guy best friend. After she showed me were he was in the crowd I ask for a one night opportunity. She said it was 50$. I actually went to pick up the guy with a 50$ bill. We ended up dating for a long time.

  13. He thought i was stealing his tequila at the bar and came to investigate. Our eyes met, 30 minutes later we were snogging, 2 years later we are living together.

    All because of tequila. We still celebrate a lot with it!

  14. my story is boring however did you know that there is a 'looking for' page in one of the london newspapers where people right adverts for someone they've see to try and find hem eg "hot boy on the northern line tube, got off at east finchley at x:xxpm. You had dark hair, glasses and a red shirt. I had blonde hair and a pink top. Lets meet! Call me 12345 123456"

    Maybe worth a try? :)

  15. The hubs actually knew my sister before me and had a crush on her! They'd even drunkenly kissed. :) But then he met me and all was lost between them. We laugh about it and I give them a hard time about kissing each other. :)

  16. Here's what I wish. I wish I'd winked at men I thought were cute back in my single days. Why not, really? They could then either walk over and take the initiative or just be flattered. And if you felt embarrassed after you'd winked, you could always pretend you had something in your eye.

    Why didn't I think of it before? I totally think you should try it.

  17. Oh you could totally have spontaneous hot-stranger sex on the station and then never see eachother again, or just run into eachother on the next party you go to with your friends and then totally hit it off and have a sexy relationship lasting a few months befo.. Hrm I mean, you should have taken his number so you could ask him on a date. With clothes on.


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