Sunday, 20 June 2010


The sunshine is annoying me.

Weird, right?

Normally I spend the working week complaining about having to be stuck inside, and them am absolutely FUMING when the weather gets crap at the weekend. And when the weather DOES get nice at the weekend, I am oiled up and heading to the Botanic Gardens (which is handily just around the corner from me) at the drop of a hat.

But this weekend I wanted to stay in. I wanted to be alone, drink wine. I wanted to clean and exercise. Well, I wanted to have the option to THINK about cleaning and exercising. Then probably do neither. If it had been dull or raining, it would have been ideal for those sort of activities.

Instead it's like twenty degrees and sunny, with barely a breeze. The weather I normally love.

And I wish it would go away.

I can't be bothered being outside! Okay, technically that's not my problem. It's that I want to be outside on my terms. If I had a balcony, for example, or a back garden of my own, I would be out there right now. But I can't be bothered sitting in a public area, alone but surrounded by tons of other people who would be put in the park especially to annoy me. (Or so Paula-centric me likes to think.)

Damn living in a flat. :(

Once upon a time, when we had a living room, I used to be able to open the window, drag a sofa in front of it, and sunbathe that way. I didn't need to leave the flat, but I still got a suntan.

The living room is now a bedroom and there is currently a stranger living in it.

I have a feeling she wouldn't let me use the "balcony" somehow.


I hope other people are enjoying the sunshine this weekend more than I am anyway. It would be really annoying if no one was appreciating it!

On the upside, I did just get to eat an ice lolly. And for once, it didn't make me feel cold afterwards.

So THAT was good.


  1. Is an ice lolly, what we call here in the States, a popsicle?

  2. "Well, I wanted to have the option to THINK about cleaning and exercising." That sounds like just about every other weekend for me. Then Sunday night rolls around and I kick myself for not getting anything done. But I suppose kicking yourself is kind of like exercise, no? - G

  3. Ice Lolly is a popsicle (to @Bethany). We call it Ice Lolly too over here, I usually like the fruity ones. Grape, preferably :D

  4. Ahhh, i know those types of days..., and the best cure for it is rom coms and wine.

  5. I was stuck inside doing laundry most of the afternoon.

    It's like... 18 here and we're calling it Winter!
    You Scots are a crazy folk!

  7. Fruit pastille ice lollies are the way forward.

    And Icicle ice poles! The ones from Asda that are clear. My flatmate calls them icy-pops though.

    I'd quite like a lemon-lime one for my beer, actually.


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